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We got a copy of the Quicken Software for free with our purchase of QuickTax 2009. We buy QuickTax every year, so it was a nice bonus.
I harvest the outside leaves - the largest ones, leaving the inner, smaller leaves to continue growing. That's what was recommended in square foot gardening, which has a focus on yield.
Quote: Originally Posted by PatienceAndLove I am just happy that Julia Child is back on the air!! She is? What is the show called? I would like to see if it's on FoodNetwork in Canada. I find most shows on FoodNetwork (especially the newer ones) to be really annoying. The hosts just can't seem to stop talking and they have the need to verbally describe even the minutest of detail. "Now I'm going to put this in a bowl!" Argh. My...
OP - I don't see beans listed in your ingredients, other than "sometimes" black beans. When I make chili, I use 1 can of kidney beans and 1 can of chickpeas (19 oz. cans) to 1 lb. of ground beef. I know chickpeas are unconventional but I've done my best to replicate someone else's recipe that I love. Another thing I add that isn't in your list is celery, and I never put garlic in. I use canned diced tomatoes, not fresh. I'm not sure if my chili is very good, but I...
I enjoy corn, but I agree we don't NEED it. I enjoy popcorn, fresh local corn on the cob, frozen corn and corn chips. I also keep cornmeal in the pantry and occasionally make cornbread. I've tried making polenta a couple times but haven't been terribly thrilled with the results. I love green giant canned nibblets corn.
Cheese Muffins! I don't make muffins very often, but these are the ones I make most often. They're super-quick to make so they're great to make for supper.
Um, yeah. She's rockabilly (which is kick-ass but not my style), not 80s hair bands. Bitchin' Kitchen has been on FoodNetwork in Canada for a year or two now. I enjoy it because it's kinda funny (try thinking of it as a spoof), but her over-the-top accent is a bit much at times. The segments with Hans, italian guy, and guy-whose-name-noone-can-pronounce are amusing. Check her out on YouTube. She did a YouTube show of Bitchin' Kitchen on her own before FoodNetwork...
Oh, that's awful SubliminalDarkness. OP - did the vet rule out an obstruction? Is the cat pooping regularly? I haven't had a cat in years, but I think they should poop at least once a day for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride I was in the store on Friday and it was crazy busy. A lot of people buy their food a day or two ahead, and quite a few people do their meal on the Sunday night, instead of the Monday. We had our meal on Sunday too, so things were bought a couple days ahead. We did a potluck at my grandparents house, and actually my mom and my aunt each cooked a turkey on Saturday night. Also, since we usually buy a...
Fight Club. Still the only one for me. Most of the ones mentioned so far I haven't read the books (or I haven't even seen the movie either).
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