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That makes sense, Moobie. Thanks!
Wow - thanks! The great ideas just keep on coming!
Thanks. Those are really great ideas. We have TONS of acorns in the yard, as well as maple leaves. I can't wait to start collecting!
Rates probably vary from region to region, so I wanted to ask the South Jersey/Philadelphia residents what you thought was reasonable for one on one in home child care. I'm thinking $10/hour for taking care of an 18 month old child. Is this too much? Too little?
Although I know I can always throw them in the compost when we're done decorating with them, it seems wasteful to me to buy pumpkins just to adorn my porch. We never really use the innards for anything -- my children don't really like anything pumpkin, not even the seeds. So rather than go on the annual hayride and pumpkin picking this year, we are going to pick apples. Those we do use for apple pie. Does anyone have any ideas on other ways to decorate for fall,...
nail clippers chip clips lids for containers dd's hair ponies knitting needles
Quote: I think it depends on what type of things are on the list. If it's something like "Tell X story" or "Tell y story" then it almost makes it seem like you have an agenda for the visit or you are trying to be sure to get your stories in, or you are more interested in talking about yourself than hearing what they have to say. In this particular case, it was a variety of things like... PTA (at her school) Craigslist (great find) brother's...
Thanks Caneel! I feel much better now. But are we normal or both weird? LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by mamalisa I do something similar with dh and my bff. I send them texts that say "remember story about silver tutu" or whatever. I can't remember a darn thing and that's the only way we are going to ever talk about the things we should I do the SAME thing with dh! I have post-its on my desktop and on it are things that I want to tell him when he gets home from work, mostly related to the children, but I definitely do...
Wegmans has recalled their reusable Green Pea bag and 2009 Holiday bag b/c of high levels of lead found in these two styles.
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