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I am the official black eyed pea and collard green cooker in our family for New Years Day. Both are traditionally made with a giant hunk of pork for "seasoning", but I've always omitted the pork for the veggies in the fam. Basically, I saute onions & garlic in olive oil, then add water, peas and a couple of bay leaves. Cook for a couple of hours then salt & pepper to taste. For the collard greens, I again start with onions & garlic sauteed in olive oil, deglaze with a...
Add me to the "waiting for the 1st PP egg to drop" list! No AF yet at 9 mos PP, though I did have some light cramping and spotting over the weekend that I'm not sure what to make of. Will test in a couple of weeks if AF hasn't shown up...
Quote: Originally Posted by strmis all of the above, plus this thing: www.nosefrida.com DH and I LOVE this thing. I feel like its much more efficient than the bulb YES!!! We just got one last week and it sucks in such a good way! Why this type of snot sucker hasn't become more popular in the US is beyond me. Sure, it seems a bit gross, but the thing works, and it really isn't any grosser than the bulb that you really can't clean out.
The Katrina pattern is fantastic! I've make a few of them and I love them.
I'm singing the praises of my Tiny Tush soaker this morning. DDs diaper was saturated this morning, the inner layer of the soaker was damp, but the outer layer was dry! Oh yeah, and I paid less than $25 for it at Kelly's Closet.
I can't believe that I forgot about the Imse Vimse Wool cover! It's very trim, but with full coverage and gussets. It's my favorite fitting cover on DD.
Honestly, I prefer pull-ons for night time. I typically use either a Tiny Tush (identical to the Disana as far as I can tell) or a 2-layer interlock soaker that I made. No leaks & little miss fingers can't get it off. As far as wraps go, the most bulletproof for night covers that I have found are Baby Beehinds, which is hook & loop closure, and Loveybums interlock, which is a front snapping model. I really like my Swaddlebees cover, but it's just not nightworthy on my...
Swaddlebees makes a really trim wool wrap.
Keep up the good work! I had a pretty much identical situation with DD. I had a severe PP hemorrage following an already rough delivery that was topped off by a severe case of jaundice. DD had a hard time latching on, and when she did would fall asleep. Plus, because of my blood loss, my milk took a long time to come in, so DD did get some formula in those early days, which broke my heart into a million pieces. We had fantastic LCs in the hospital who also did follow...
My grandmother told me that birdseye was the great new diaper fabric when my dad was a baby 60 years ago.
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