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My 8 month old DD has had her 2 bottom teeth for a while and it hasn't been an issue until yesterday. She slipped of the nipple and bit down, which resulted in a lovely little laceration on my nipple. Blood was drawn. Fortunately, I didn't yell or otherwise freak her out, but sheesh it hurts today! I pump at work and it has not been pleasant.
Ah yes, the phantom period! I've had this a couple of times, and since my early pregnancy symptoms are virtually identical to pre-period symptoms, I ran out and bought a pack of tests to be sure. Totally normal.
Like others, we use as few disposable products as possible. Interestingly, having a baby has made us more aware of what gets thrown away, and we seem to generate less trash than we did pre-baby. We use cloth diapers & wipes and wetbags for the dirties when out and about. Our paper towel consumption has been drastically reduced since I put the cloth napkins in a basket on the counter where they are visible and therefore used, and we have a huge stash of gerber flats that...
A common methodology in local codes for determining the number of people allowed in a particular unit is 2 times the number of bedrooms plus 1. So, 3 people are generally allowed in a 1 BR unit and 5 for a 2 BR unit. It varies by jurisdiction, but this is the most common that I've seen.
http://katrinassqs.blogspot.com/2007...r-pattern.html Here's a free one that is really good. I've made a few of these from both fleece and interlock.
Marr Haven, Blackberry Ridge, Full Belly Farms, Green Mountain Spinnery and Sweetgrass Wool are all good sources of happy sheep yarn in the US. I'm sure there are others out there as well.
My primary reason for using PFs on a newborn is that the fit is customizable to your baby. I had BG 3.0s, KL0s and PFs for DDs newborn stage. The BGs didn't fit for almost 2 months (long & skinny baby) and the KL0s just fit weird. The PFs with a snappi were perfect. Plus they are cheap and easy to launder.
Try amazon.com.
I have a couple dozen flannel wipes that I sewed up - 2 layer, turned & topstitched. You could try cutting with pinking shears if you're worried about raveling and don't want to or can't sew. They get washed with the diapers and they're so much better than disposable wipes!
One thing that I do that seems to provide some relief is giving DD a chunk of frozen breastmilk in one of those mesh feeder things.
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