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Nothing to add except sympathy and commisseration. DD is cutting teeth 3&4 and has just been miserable - fevers, screaming, the whole 9 yards. It sucks for all of us.
Pockets, AIOs, or covers "pre-loaded" with a tri-folded PF.
Call the doctor. A fever that high plus vomiting is cause for concern. DD (7.5 months) has had a fever since yesterday. Our ped's office said that there is generally no cause for concern unless it is accompanied by vomiting, goes over 103, or persists for more than a couple of days.
Update: My WAHMies pail liner has completely delaminated after less than 4 months of use. My WAHMies wetbag is not holding up so great either, but at least it hasn't totally failed. I'm not impressed and waiting on replacements from the company.
Prefolds definitely! Kissaluvs never fit DD right. PFs are easy to wash & easier to get a good fit with IMO. You might consider getting some preemie sized PFs if you tend to have smaller or thinner babies. Newborn & infant PFs swallowed DD until she was a few weeks old. The preemie PFs fit great for the first couple of weeks.
Babies have far more (and worse) poop blowouts in sposies. Where does he think those clothes will get washed? My niece who was diapered in sposies averaged a couple of blowouts a week. My DD has had maybe two in 7 months, and one of those was in a sposie. There really is no way to avoid poop in the washer if you have a baby. Poop happens. A lot. On the cost front, we have a top loader and I do approximately 4 loads of diaper laundry a week, in addition to the...
Another vote for the diaper sprayer. Once you start solids & enter the world of peanut butter poo the sprayer is seriously worth its weight in gold.
I have a couple of different diaper bags. In the car, I keep a small "emergency" bag with a couple of prefolds, a snappi, a cover, some wipes, and a wetbag (actually a small camping "ditty bag"). This is the "oops I forgot the diaper bag" bag, or the "gone for longer than we planned" bag. My diaper bag for longer outings usually has the following: -3 or 4 diapers, pockets or AIOs -wetbag -wipes -bottle of water (good to drink or clean up big messes) -change of...
DD wears single-layer longies made from JA anti-pill and blizzard fleece that have held up nicely at night. She is a very heavy wetter and does have quite a bit of diaper on underneath.
Adding to the list... Yoga pants for the little ones Toddler & baby dresses (I have some fun t-shirts that are a little juvenile for me that I plan to do this with) Tie-nappies Stuffed toys Unfortunately, my DH wears his t-shirts until they are holey & threadbare, so my big t-shirt reconstruction projects are limited.
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