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I recently inherited a 40-year-old Bernina serger and I am in love!!! I've become a sewing fiend now that my finished objects look so...finished! DDs wardrobe has grown tremendously - she has lots of cute fleece yoga pants now. Of course now I'm in the market for a new serger with differential feed and cover stitch...
Check hyenacart as well. There are many WAHMs who make fleece soakers and longies for very reasonable prices. Also, if you sew at all, fleece soakers and longies are incredibly easy to make. Here is a link to a great free soaker pattern: http://katrinassqs.blogspot.com/. She also has a longies pattern. You can get 4 or more soakers or a couple pairs of longies out of a yard of fleece, which is under $10.
Another vote for GreenMountainDiapers for prefolds. I'm loving the unbleached Indian PFs that we're using now - so soft and absorbent!
Quote: Originally Posted by hippie mama in mi and to make poop... ??????? bwahahaha!!!!!!!!
What do they do with the poopy clothes from sposie blow outs? I'm guessing that they go in the washer...
Ditto the PP. We use a dry pail, washing every 2nd or 3rd day and have no problems with stink or any other kind of funkiness. We're in that "transitional" poop stage and use a diaper sprayer to spray poopies into the toilet. All you're going to do with a wet pail is destroy your diapers and create a safety hazard, not to mention the ick factor of dealing with poopy water.
Me too! Unfortunately, the hair on my head is also falling out. At least my hair is thick.
Quote: Originally Posted by NaturalMama311 I was having a discussion at work just before having DD about choosing to BF and CD. One of my (male) co-workers looked at me and said "You're going to use cloth diapers?" I shot him a puzzled look and asked what that was supposed to mean. He just laughed and said "We'll see how long that lasts when you have to do laundry every day" and turned around in his chair. This coming from the same guy whose wife had...
I believe I saw some from the Michael Miller line on fabric.com...Yep! Here's the link: http://www.fabric.com/home-decor-fab...d-cotton-.aspx.
Yep, gripe water is pure magic for hiccups! DD loves the taste of it as well.
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