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Thanks mamas! I've been just ill over this since it happened and while logically I know that it happens to everyone, it still sucks. She's no worse for the wear and I just want to get home from work and hold her. This is just the poop icing on a pretty crappy couple of weeks.
Lamby legs on hyenacart carries them.
I LOVE my Bravado bras! I spent my first few nursing months in cheapy bras from T@rget, and out of frustration & discomfort one day broke down and ordered 3 Bravados. Now I wish I hadn't wasted money on the cheap bras. http://www.breakoutbras.com has the best prices and fast shipping.
And I feel like the WORST MOMMY EVER!!!! I put DD on our bed yesterday evening like I always do and turned around for a split second to get her a toy or something and she rolled off the bed, landing on her back on our hardwood floors. It was the most horrible sound ever. She is fine, the pediatrician was very reassuring, and I know it happens to everyone and babies are squishy so that they can take these things, but I am still totally shaken up about it. It doesn't...
Oh, and you should've seen the reaction I got when I suggested that DH use the mei tai to sooth our clingy teething daughter while I was at work! I made a nice gender neutral one thinking that he would use it, but the straps scare him.
This is why I have a dozen BGs in the diaper stash - DH can build a computer from scratch, replumb the house and pretty much build anything, but he is totally baffled by a PF & snappi or anything that snaps. He was unsure about even TRIFOLDING a PF in a cover! Dude, it's really not that hard!
Quote: Originally Posted by isfa The behavior you saw was atrocious, but is this really relevant? I was referring to the behavior rather than the economic status. IMO "class" is much more about how you present yourself than how much money you make.
I think the stuff is called "slipper gripper". I've seen it on fabric.com. Based on my cloth diapering experience, wool felt treated with lanolin might be a warm & water-resistant option.
A cover is only as good as the diaper underneath it. If your covers are well-lanolized, but still being peed through, then you need more absorbency in your diaper.
I'm singing the praises of hemp these days - specifically a Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds with a trifolded Little Weeds doubler, all under a felted wool wrap. My little soaker hasn't leaked through that combo yet! You could always just use a rectangle of fleece as a stay-dry liner.
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