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Yet another vote for Sewzanne's! I'll also add that the quilting section of Joann has had some very cool prints in both flannel and cotton broadcloth.
The poop fountains are definitely something to behold. My niece holds the record in our family, having once shot a stream of poop 6+ feet across the room. Yes, we are looking forward to mortifying her as a teenager .
The diaper sprayer should be delivered this weekend. We'll introduce solids once DH installs it. Dd's poop has gotten thicker & stinkier over the past month despite being EBF. I'm not looking forward to transitional poop at all. But, she's showing the developmental signs and grabbing at my plate so I guess it's almost time...
I use Country Save on all of our laundry. You can pick up a case of 4 boxes from amazon for under $50. It should last you 6 months or better so it works out to be a good deal.
I love my Mommy's Touch wetbags as well as my pail liner by the Natural Baby Company. I have a WAHMies bag that is pretty, but bulky.
I was a knitter before the babe arrived, so my knitting skills have been applied to making soakers & longies. My sewing skills were reawakened by a desire to use cloth wipes, but not pay $1+ each for them. It's spiraled from there. I've also become a FSOT fan - you can find great deals on the trading post here. (Not to be spammy, but I did just list a bunch of stuff, including a few things bought new that were only worn a couple of times, if at all.)
Dream-Eze AIO is the trimmest cloth I've used so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by brookescott88 Okay...so I would like to purchase this but with the price....no way... http://www.danishwool.com/products/item/overall.html I am thinking of purchasing the wool and sewing the suit. Does anyone know of any good free patterns for a very simple baby suit? Thanks! I can't help you on the pattern, but definitely check out The Covered Caboose's hyenacart shop for wool. She has good prices on wool...
If I had to do it over again and money weren't an issue, I'd go with Dream-Eze AIOs for convenience, Dream-Eze fitteds and a few pull-on wool covers for nights and around the house, and PFs and XS Thirsties for the itty bitty newborn stage. Kissaluvs were a terrible fit for us. I currently have a very mixed stash with a lot of BGs and I am losing the velcro and pocket diaper love. The Dream-Eze's are nice because they are cotton on the inside, are very trim, have a...
That the best laid plans can go to hell in a handbasket. There are times when you have to turn over control to someone else and it is okay. That no matter how psyched you are for breastfeeding, it can be harder than anything you ever imagined. Nothing could prepare me for a baby that would. not. latch. for 2 solid months. Despair is the best way to describe my emotional state in the early weeks. Pumping is okay. Just keep offering the boob and if you're lucky,...
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