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I love the idea of putting the child in charge of the day - my daughter would eat that up!    
Do NOT worry about being replaced by another woman in their life. You will always be number one to your kids, no matter who else they meet or spend time with! That's why you need to be strong and be the best mom you can be. :)
Of course you're upset that he's breaking the agreement you had, but you really can't control what he does. You can do what you think is right and wait to introduce your kids to anyone new in your life and, when you do, make it a very gradual process. Above all, avoid bad-mouthing their dad (they still love him, and it would just make you look bad in the end).   You mentioned being "done" with therapy. I would continue therapy for the kids as long as you possibly...
So cute! I am lucky that my daughter has the dollhouse my grandfather made for me, but it needs some new wallpaper (well, it is almost 40 years old!). Maybe I'll try mod-podge for that. Thanks for sharing!
Well, I must admit that I was never terribly organized to begin with, but we have also had a rough few years due to family illness and death, a move or two, and then another death (very sudden) this summer. It certainly does affect how well you can keep up with day-to-day life and especially changes like an additional person (and their stuff!) moving into your house. In the past, my general method (when I had to tidy up my table or counter) was to stuff it all in a box...
Reuseit.com is new to me. I love that you offer so many different items from different manufacturers, so I can easily compare all the options on one site.    These bento containers are now on my list: http://www.reuseit.com/store/lock-lock-leakproof-bento-food-containers-p-2838.html#product_details   It would be nice to pack several things without using several tiny containers (that's what I'm doing now because I don't have a larger container with sections). I...
Once my daughter licked the dishwasher tablet (she helps me put it in and close the dispenser). It did not taste good, and a call to Poison Control confirmed that it wouldn't really hurt her. She has not done it again, so the taste must have been convincing.
I have a "microfiber" fabric on my couch, and it seems to clean up really well so far. My daughter even spilled olive oil on it - long story, but it was probably more than a cup and it had been used to fry potatoes and onions, so I thought the couch was ruined - but it actually came out OK with dish soap and water.
Thanks for all the info! But one more question: what do you use to clean the TOILET? Thank you! Cheryl
Just wanted to say that my daughter (also 4 in the fall) is exactly the same - wants to return bugs to their friends and family! I'm sure she will be fine, whenever you decide to start her in school. My daughter just started preschool (just 3 hours a day, 3 days a week), and she is really enjoying it.
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