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Quote: Originally Posted by emma1325 I've heard of doctors who don't vax their kids at all, but will give them to other children. Morally reprehensible, IMO. I disagree. Aren't we always going on here about "parental choice"? It's no more a doctor's place to deny vaccines than it is to insist on them.
Can you get the Quantiferon Gold blood test instead?
BTDT ... last fall we were discharged from the ped practice we used for over 18 years. IMO it's becoming more and more common for peds to take a hard line stand on vaccines. Do it their way, or get the hell out. We found a FANTASTIC family practitioner. Wish I'd gone that route years ago!
An acquaintance who is an Army medic and a civilian paramedic administers flu shots to his whole family.
Quote: Originally Posted by lil_earthmomma That's the first time I've actually talked about my annulment experience.
If my kids' teachers asked me about my religion OUTSIDE the context of a vaccine exemption (or anything school related, for that matter), I'd have no issue discussing the topic with them. In regard to exemption, however, my religion is none of their business - period.
Quote: Originally Posted by DiannaK Annulments are handled by the Diocese, not the individual churches. The money that is charged is used to attempt to pay the Canon lawyers, psychiatrists, etc that review documents. No one will be turned down for an annulment for lack of funding. They will work with you, bending over backwards to let you pay what you can, if anything at all. Perhaps it varies from Diocese to Diocese, but here most of the...
Community confession/The Act of Penitence within the context of the liturgy and Penance Services serve the purpose of Reconciliation IMO. I don't exepct any diehards to agree, that's OK. I was just answering the OP.
It isn't my opinion, it is Church history and teaching. There IS a difference between a Sacrament and a ritual. A ritual can never produce a Sacrament, nor does lack of ritual deny a Sacrament. Have you never heard of Spiritual Communion (for those who are physically unable to partake of the Communion ritual)? St. Patrick (who wasn't even Catholic) instituted the practice of private confession to a priest in the 5th century.
Yet the righteous shall hold to His way, and he who has clean hands increase in strength. Job 17:9
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