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This is what I use on our chapel cleaning schedule: Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. John 15:3 (though more recent translations speak of "pruning" rather than cleaning)
Quote: Originally Posted by moonshoes I would like to add that confession with a priest is not a ritual, it is a Sacrament and thus integral to our spiritual practice as Catholics. The confession to God and asking forgiveness is the Sacrament. Using the priest as an intermediary is the ritual. A ritual never produces a Sacrament; rather, it's the mirror of the Sacrament that has already taken place. The Catholic Church was in existence...
Love the Sacramental practice of speaking to the Lord about my sins, and asking forgiveness. I do it regularly. I don't practice the ritual of private confession though a priest, however.
All the details depend on who is preparing the annulment. Some churches charge a ridiculous amount of $$$ and require extensive interviews and hoop-jumping. Others just charge the minimal paperwork fee, and have you fill out the paperwork - which is daunting enough. Witness statements are required. I recently prepared a witness statement for an annulment. The questions are pretty specific, you just answer what you can per your own observations during the years of...
I'll bow out. I thought we'd got past all that, but obviously my presence here still brings hostility and a lack of participation to the thread. Carry on, mamas.
GA State Vaccine Requirements for Daycare & Schools
My oldest had CP when he was 8 months old. The rest of my kids had the : vaccine. Oldest DD broke out with a few pox after receiving the vax, but not what I would consider a real case. Quote: -What they looked like/how many at early onset? DS had a few red spots on his torso and arms, to start with. He'd recently been exposed when his babysitter's 3 kids had CP, and had been running a slight fever prior to the spots - so I knew what it was. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Charbeau This is a great suggestion! I had no idea that this could be potentially available at my parish. If it isn't available, I suggest asking the youth minister or DRE in your parish to consider making it a community service project for teens.
We've seen lots of these threads over the years. Aside from sitting up front, some suggestions have been: hanging out in the vestibule/out back having a small bag of quiet toys/books that is ONLY for Mass and no other time (so its more desirable) non-messy snacks And, if all else fails - does your church offer nursery care and/or a preschool class during Mass? I generally advocate children being present at Mass, but I know how hard it is to manage little ones...
Who isn't getting along?
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