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Quote: Originally Posted by newyorkone I just found out that the public school that we are zoned to is amazing and on top of that, it is Pre-K through 8th grade! The only problem is that we are a delayed and selective vaccine family and I'm so confused about what to do. We still have time sine DD is only 15 months old but the decisions we make now could have consequences later if we decide to try the religious exemption route... Hoping there are...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2bluefish I got my kids a doctor kit. I told them the syringe was for giving oral meds. We pretend it's for insulin (DD is T1 diabetic).
Quote: Originally Posted by xekomaya Oh just that I'm not sure I can physically walk up the steps to the rail (~4) and kneel at it while keeping ds from grabbing someone else, attempting to jump the rail, trying to climb the stairs himself, us falling over backwards, etc. Its a trickier maneuver is all. Oh, I see. The churches I know of that still have Communion rails don't have steps, you just go forward to the Altar and kneel at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by chfriend I've never read the Exodus story that way. Seems pretty clear the point of it is that if God tells you to do something and sends along a few plagues to make his point, You might want to let His people go. : :
Quote: Originally Posted by Ron_Low But Egyptians would have to see it as Hebrews celebrating the murder of innocent Egyptian children to further the political aims of the Hebrews. And Obama is on board with that? Thinking it's OK for innocents to die for a higher aim; if that's not terrorism I don't know what is. Huh? Did he say something to that effect? With deference to the Jewish population here that may disagree, I am OK with...
What's the issue with going to the Communion rail with a babe? How is it different that just receiving Eucharist with a babe in arms? (We don't have a rail, so forgive me if that's a dumb question - but I would just kneel at the rail with the baby and not worry over it.)
Quote: Originally Posted by moonshoes That's so wonderful. Unfortunately, my parish is in quite a poor area and we just don't have a lot of money. We barely have heat in the CCD center during the winter and have to meet in the basement of the church with our coats and hats on! There is going to be a lot of restructuring in our Diocese over the next year or two, praying that we will be kept open! Take heart, mama! My parish is a tiny little...
He's been on CSI & House in the past year.
Quote: Originally Posted by xekomaya Funny I wouldn't have taken you as a stickler for the rules Only the ones that actually make some sense.
My parish pays the full cost of any education pertaining to my catechesis or ministry.
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