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Quote: Originally Posted by xekomaya We have a 7pm Vigil also which is a little early but I'm glad to be able to put ds to bed at a reasonable time. Too early, actually! The sun won't set until 7:33 PM on the East coast that night. Reading this thread makes me wonder just how many churches are ignoring this mandate?
Quote: Originally Posted by NicaG Do you bring your kids to Vigil? Our parish specifically asks us not to That's horribly unaccomodating. Let me guess ... somebody complained about fussy kids getting antsy during such a long service?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bluegoat The church I've been at the last year is strange, they have their Vigil at 7. I find it add, because it isn't Easter. It's not dark by 7PM in NS? ETA - nm, I see that the sun will set at 7:49 PM today in NS. I'd speak to the priest ... RC churches are not supposed to begin the Easter Vigil until sundown!
Quote: Originally Posted by moonshoes Congratulations to the new moms! And to wolfmom's son - I hope it was a great day! A question - I feel that I am being called to a life of pastoral ministry. I am considering entering a master's program, but here is my question. Does anyone here do this as a living? What are your thoughts/advice/experiences? We do not have a pastoral minister at our parish. Do you? What are their duties and...
Mass tomorrow night with foot washing, Service on Good Friday (no Masses allowed on GF) with Veneration of the Cross, and we're attending the Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday night.
Don't tell them.
I had the smallpox vaccine, but not the BCG. Was receiving BCG perhaps a local thing? I don't think any of my friends/family had BCG, but we all had a smallpox vax. Most of my contemporaries have a visible scar, but you can't even see mine.
Further OT, but ... I don't think anyone "accidentally" receives Communion!
Yesterday, my SIL hosted a Seder meal to help the kids understand Passover and the Jewish traditions as a history of own Christian traditions. Some Christian churches do this as a part of the Lenten observance. (Acknowledging that there are people here of the Jewish faith who find this "co-opting" of their faith - as it has been referred to - offensive.) Resurrection Eggs are also an interesting way to teach the Easter story to younger children. You can use the...
Quote: Originally Posted by doulamomvicki (Heidi, maybe a cure for our girls is coming soon too We sure are praying for that!!!!!
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