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School records fall under FERPA guidelines. Here's a thread ... the link in the thread no longer works, so I provided the one above. Quote: Educational records that are subject to FERPA are expressly exempted from HIPAA’s coverage.
Awesome news, Congrats! I'm in my first year of a similar program (2-year) in the RC church (Formation for Ministry). It's great and I'm loving it.
Tell your friend to move to WV or MS. She should be happy there.
Personally, I wouldn't get too worked up about it but the asking your religion thing was completely inappropriate and I would have told her so.
Quote: Originally Posted by caro113 I don't know much about it, but I do know that something is injected; (or so I gathered from what I read) I just don't know how long that something stays in the body and if it sheds. There's nothing live in the injection, so nothing to shed.
My three younger kids each have their own DS. I made it clear to them that the DS's are their responsibility and if they are lost, they will not be replaced.
Quote: Originally Posted by Satori I have a question, I just came back from the store looking at flat irons and the lady today said to get one that was like 1 1/4" but the only one that could reach the higher temps is a 2 1/4" but it did have all the other stuff she recommended like the ceramic plates and stuff. Would that be to wide? With my hair flat right now its shoulder length. Would it still work or do I really need the smaller plates? For...
A flat iron changed my life. Seriously.
There's nothing in the TB test that sheds. The Mantoux TB skin test is an injection of Tubersol, which contains Tuberculin in phosphate buffered saline with Tween 80 as a stabilizer, and 0.28 percent phenol added as a preservative.
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