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I adore bags, but I'm terribly fickle. I rotate through bags a lot and get bored with one quickly, so I will not spend tons of $$$ on a bag. And I like big, bold bags, but not with a ton of bling and/or stuff hanging off them. I stick with earthy tones that go with my clothes. I just switched from a big, caramel colored leather satchel (clearance rack at Fashion Bug) to a deep red Anne Klein leather hobo-style (eight bucks at a consignment). Before that I carried a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa1970 When I was born, 1970, there were only 2 vaccinations given to children...DTP and polio. I am going to go off of that. I see no need to add in all these others for when my children go to college or otherwise, I did not. My children will be getting the polio as children, and if they want, can get the DTP as adults when they go to college. I did not though. It wears off in less than 10 yrs and I did not have it after the...
We had our Lenten Youth Service yesterday afternoon. All the kids get to participate in the liturgical ministries - they do the readings, the psalm, the collection, the music, the intercessory prayers, and everything. The DRE and I served Eucharist. The music was fantastic. Eight of my youth group kids sang, and one played the drums and one played guitar. Both my DDs sang. It was a lovely, sunny, warm spring day. Wow, can't believe that next Sunday is Passion...
Do you have the classic "whoop" sound when you cough? Is the cough interrupting your sleep? My youngest just came off of two weeks of near-constant coughing with a cold, but it wasn't pertussis and she could sleep. I think GNC has SA - it's probably not as good as stuff you can get online, but it sounds like you need some ASAP. Take it to bowel tolerance ... start w/the rec dosage and keep increasing until you get the runs, then back off on the dosage a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by libba What virus are you talking about? Quote: Originally Posted by seaheroine Yes, please share? With links for all your stats as well, please?
Quote: Originally Posted by Delicateflower Yes, but the person I was responding to may not have known what that or immunoglobulin was. Tossing around brand names and long words isn't helpful in explaining things. Well if you don't use the proper terms nobody learns anything here, kwim? "Vaccine" and "immunoglobulin" are DIFFERENT things. And ... you responded to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Delicateflower Post exposure prophylaxis works by eliciting an immune response far quicker than normal. Or it could have been antibodies against Ebola, the same way the passive tetanus and RSV vaccines work. What is "passive tetanus vaccine"? Are you speaking of TIG? That isn't a vaccine.
I don't get how the vaccine is going to help her if she's already infected. Crucell/NIH has been developing an Ebola vaccine since 2005 or 2006, I think (it's been on COG's list as "In development" for quite some time now).
for you and sweet Miss M. : for the bf. She'll find her way, Vicki. Just give her some space and time to absorb the news.
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