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We're coffee fanatics here ... everybody gets their own cup on Saturday morning after pancakes. Oldest DS drinks it on a fairly regular basis now, oldest DD maybe 2X/week at most. I have no problem with it, I'd personally rather my teens start their day with a leisurely cup of coffee with me, than guzzling a Pepsi on the school bus.
http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...hlight=college We ended up submitting his vax records, since he was technically UTD and it was easier than battling the school. Besides, he was turning 18 a month later and could claim his own exemption then - regardless of what was on file. Then the school wanted a letter from a doc confirming DS was UTD on tetanus, which led to a huge freaking battle with the ped - b/c though DS WAS utd per state guidelines (had a booster...
New York REQUEST FOR RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION TO IMMUNIZATION FORM In NYS, use the NYSED form whenever you can. Keep your "explanation of beliefs" short, simple, and to the point. Be certain to note your objection to ALL vaccines. Do not mention the Hep B birth dose at all. Don't use a form letter from the internet or another source - schools may be looking for these, and can then question your sincerity. ALWAYS use your own words in your explanation of beliefs. As...
Probably not. The Church, in general, accepts immunization as a good and necessary thing. In the case of vaxes cultured on aborted fetal cells they feel that 1) the greater good basically outweighs the evil; and 2) pharma should make "ethical alternatives" to these vaccines available in the US.
It'll depend on the school. Some Catholic schools accept exemptions and some don't. The simplest thing would be to call the admissions office and ask of they accept exemptions. If they do, follow the protocol for your state.
Not in IL, but I've been successful in NY which is a notoriously tricky state.
Quote: Originally Posted by Verity (I've never heard of or seen a paddle flat iron), It's a wider iron, like a paddle brush. Works much better IMO on hair that's chin-length & longer and/or thick.
I have the same hair. I only use a blowdryer if I'm in a real hurry, b/c unless I can really make the commitment w/the brush and all (like, my arms want to fall off when I'm done) it just makes everything worse. I only wash my hair every 2-3 days, I air dry whenever possible - and a paddle flatiron has been my frizz salvation.
Exemptions are filed for school and daycare. You do not need one for a ped - sounds like he/she is simply trying to force your hand on vaxing. I'd find a new doc ASAP.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jposey but I dont know how high the possibility is that he could have actually contracted one of the diseases in the mmr.... The possibility of catching a disease from the vax shedding of another kid is pretty low, with the exception of FluMist. MMR and CP vaccines shed in the stool, so unless your kid is playing with another kid's poo it isn't very likely he'd catch anything from the shedding vax.
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