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Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty as someone who has in the past had a dishwasher and hasn't had one for 2 years, I would cry for joy at the prospect. : My dishwasher has been busted for almost two years. If DH doesn't get me another soon (he's been promising for months), I'm seriously going to Lowe's and buying the most expensive model they have, then paying them to come install it!!! Quote: Originally Posted by...
modestworld is another great resource for headcoverings ... here's a versatile lace scarf.
Quote: Originally Posted by TefferTWH Now I need some sort of resource with different types of coverings so we can look through and decide what feels right for each of us. Lots to choose from at Tznius, and their shipping is $1.95 flat rate.
Quote: Originally Posted by AuntNi I think it depends on which kind of oven you learned to cook with. When my mom re-did her kitchen, she got a combo gas stove/electric oven, and she loves it. She grew up cooking with gas, so that's what *she* prefers. Which is why I developed my hypothesis of "you like what you grew up with." Maybe so ... I grew up learning to cook/bake with an electric oven, but heard my mother constantly saying she...
Yep, my son just had to do this yesterday for college. All he had to do was fill out an application for a Certificate of Residency (local Town Clerk's office has them) and show two proofs of residency (like postmarked letters addressed to him) - one less than 30 days old and one over a year old.
Quote: Originally Posted by kewb You would love to live with my dh. He has what I call an over developed sense of smell. When we first move into our house it was winter and for weeks he would insist the house was on fire and walk around sniffing everywhere. It was our neighbors wood burning stove. I am like that too! Go easy on him, it's HELL to live like that ... it always seems to be the burning smells we pick up on most. One winter...
Quote: Originally Posted by CherryBomb Yes to the first and I don't know to second. That.
Gas ovens and stoves made since the 1980s no longer have pilot lights. They're all electronic ignition and much safer than the older models. I used to have to relight the stove top pilots all the time in our older stove - we had a mouse problem, they were always running around under the cooktop at night and would snuff out the pilot lights. :
Quote: Originally Posted by SevenVeils Here's the thing. While you certainly may have a leak, when the pressure in your propane tank gets under about 8-15% (depending upon your particular connections, valves, tank etc), it will commonly emit that propane smell. I was thinking the same thing. I have a very sensitive nose, and when our propane supply starts getting low I can smell it near the stove and the dryer - but nobody else can. We own...
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