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I don't know if that's good or bad but I look forward to reading it.
by Viktor Frankl. I saw a copy at the used book store and I bought it at the recommendation of a friend. I forget why she recommended it--it was a few years ago. Anyone read it?
YAY!!! I hope the discussion goes well in the future. And that the baked goods (hopefully NOT full of trans-fats) were most yum.
We prayed and then visited several churches in the area and prayed more. We went with friends to their churches and eventually wound up at our current church home through the recommendation of someone who has since left that church. It took a few months.
I feel that way often. I went through a lengthy period of dryness of soul. During that time I discovered St. John of the Cross' Dark Night of the Soul and reading that gave me great comfort. I also read an article that helped me understand that sometimes dryness can be a blessing called The Gift of Dryness in Prayer. HTH somewhat and I will be praying for you.
Quote: Originally posted by TamiJ 1)If you are saved, are you still considered a "sinner"? Most definitely. I won't see perfection before I see Jesus face to face. Quote: Originally posted by TamiJ 2)Do you feel like you need to ask for forgiveness daily?( or however often you chose) A) why? B)what happens if you dont? c) what deos it gain you to ask? Jesus taught us (Christians) to pray: "...forgive us our debts/...
RP generally IS soap opera--especially when there are overly melodramatic adolescents (which describes 95% of them) involved. You should read some of the stuff I used to participate in. :LOL
I'm laughing about it now. And as for my t-shirts: I don't know. How about: "Miracles: the Gathering" with a picture of the marriage supper of the Lamb? I like the Christian gamers' newsletter name too, "The Way the Truth and the Dice" but I think that's taken. I'll think some more tonight while I watch some anime (yep I do that too! ).
Ohhh! Thanks for the link Susan! I've never heard of this.
Yeah that's more like it. Jim Cavizel (sp?) was missing the curls, I was looking for curls...
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