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Ah. I misunderstood your use of "evangelical." I don't know any that don't tbh. It's part of the faith.
Lent has become a blessing to me. In 2002 I gave up being angry at God for not allowing me to become pregnant. Long about the middle of Lent, we found out that Gabriel was available for adoption and things fell into place to enable it to happen so I love Lent now. I've subtraced and added to my life this Lent. I've subtracted white sugar (except in coffee) and sodas (I'm seeing that most of the things I enjoy drinking contain "high fructose corn syrup" so more things...
There are charismatic catholic and orthodox christians. If you google charismatic + Catholic (or + orthodox) you can find a lot of links.
Agreed. Sometimes I can have better conversations about Christianity with non-believers than with believers--in spite of having to go away and have a good scream afterward :LOL. It seems that most church-people are content with being bottle fed the "formulas" rather than desiring the true milk and meat of the Word (if I may mix my metaphors and verses and things). That is why, btw, I have no problems with things like icons and statues and stained glass windows...
I'm not going to try to answer your questions as Sean is doing a much better job than I could but I need to ask something. Why must oral traditions be imagined? Are all oral traditions imagined or just Christian/Catholic ones? I can accept that some might be but the implication that oral tradition is imagined (that is a story, to put it nicely) makes it seem that they are therefore not worthy of consideration.
Oooh! I do like that. And the meaning is] most cool. One of my favorite verses (Luke 1:45) comes from right after the Annunciation too. Thank you!
Quote: Originally posted by DaryLLL Meanwhile, if anyone finds humor healing, here is the Onion: http://www.theonion.com/news/ Quote: Christ said He considered returning to the physical world to make an accurate film depiction of His life for years, but seeing The Passion prompted Him to finally descend from heaven, meet with His agent Ronald Thatcher, and demand that He be attached as a producer on any future projects. "Ron has a...
Quote: Originally posted by doulamomvicki DD was going to be named after my mom - Nunziata. What does Nunziata mean and from what culture is it? I want to add it to my list if you don't mind.
We had always planned to name our dc with names from different cultures/languages since both dh and I are language freaks. Also, our ds is adopted so when we accepted the offer to adopt him we decided to take the birthparents' first names as the child's middle name (we didn't know his gender at the time). Since he was a boy he was named Gabriel (Hebrew "god is my strength") Keith (Welsh "wood-dweller"). If he had been a girl, he would have been Anjali (Hindi "an...
Quote: Originally posted by Sean Here's a page with a pretty good explanation of it, and answers to Fundamentalist objections to the doctrine. It's got dozens of Bible quotes. Thanks for that link, Sean. Very informative.
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