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I live in Oklahoma and was nursing uncovered in my doctors office.  My doctor, his nurse practitioner, and his office manager advised me that it was making everybody uncomfortable including the doctor and that he was concerned about sexual harassment.  I was then told it would be best if I found a new doctor.   I have filed complaints with the state medical licensing board as well as the department of health.  Is there anything else I can do?  I'm LIVID about this....
I'm 9 weeks and I don't really feel pregnant either. I'm tired, and my breasts are very sore, but I'm not sick really. I've had a few bouts of nausea, and that is about it. I saw the heartbeat @ 7 weeks, but I'm still nervous. I've got a bad history here My mom died four weeks ago tomorrow, and I just don't know how much I can handle right now
Quote: Originally Posted by DaisyMae08 Amazing!! How are you feeling? I feel good My hormone numbers are normal, I'm having normal symptoms and feel very at peace right now. Shocked to say the least, but at peace
I never posted on the infertility boards here, or at least not in a long time. But I've been struggling with infertility for eleven years. Six years of actively trying with infertility specialists. Two adoptions. And suddenly when we weren't trying at all, and we had decided we were done with the two amazing children we have, I'm pregnant. Saw the heartbeat yesterday
I'm finding that I have very sporadic nausea which terrifies me We have waited 12 years for this baby, with several losses along the way and my mother passed away a couple of weeks ago. This was a total surprise, but I'm terrified it will be snatched away from me too
Cal/mag which is my default will make everything better Folic acid, vitamin C, and CLO.
I live in a fairly hmmmm traditional southern part of the united states and people look at me like I have six heads when I wrap my 3 m/o son! Then sometimes I wrap him and wear my 2 y/o on my back! People think I'm insane. Especially in regards to the two year old I hear a LOT of "she'll never be independent"
I've been a Palin fan for a LONG time, and this is like extra frosting. I LOVE her more all the time (I realize I'm a MDC oddity LOL)
Be cautious I had a ton of ear infections as a kid and my mom tried a lot of natural treatments. Most ear infections will clear up all by themselves, but if they don't then you need antibiotics. I have severe hearing loss in one of my ears because my mother didn't want to overload me with antibiotics. And in general I agree with that idea! But antibiotics can have a wonderful place in a healthy lifestyle too When my kiddos get ear infections I do try garlic oil,...
We use corelle for just about everything. I put snacks for a car in a paper lunch bag and we have a very happy camper
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