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Asheville has everything you mentioned! The homeschooling activities here are amazing! Way too much to do it all. Check it out! PEACE! Bryce
Another Asheville mama. NC laws suck! I had my youngest 2 at home in Utah no problem. We need to change things here. Women need a choice! PEACE! Bryce
Hey Mommas! I've heard there are some good paying temp jobs setting up for the inauguration. Does anyone know where I could find out more info about this? PEACE!! Bryce
You may want to come up & check out Earthhavan Ecovillage near Asheville NC. They have built with straw bale and cob and have beautiful homes!! Check them out at http://www.earthaven.org/ We love the look of cob too and hope to use it when we build. Bryce
2busy2clean is right on! We are going to be looking at foreclosures as they are at RECORD highs now and I assume they will only get higher for the next few yrs! I'm still keeping my options open for other ways to find our property too. You may also consider talking with the "locals" if you know the area you want to buy in. Often times property won't get listed, but is sold more with word of mouth in small towns. I'm curious about the companies that sell cheap...
Read Mortgage Free by Rob Roy before you buy your land or get a mortgage of any kind. He really make you see how much it costs to get a loan. Love the book!! We are looking for land now and hope to find the right thing in the next 4-6 mos. We want to pay at least 1/2 in cash, if not all. (No, we're not rich, just looking at really CHEAP land!!) I'm not a big fan of Whole Life insurance, so I'm not sure about any of that?? Check out http://clarkhoward.com/ and...
Well you guys are YOUNG! But look how smart you are to be here on the mothering boards! At least you are starting in the right place! I'm 30 so probably too OLD for this thread, but I got married at 18, had my first at 19, 2nd at 21, 3rd at 24 and 4th (and final!) at 27! I wish I had started out with the the knowledge of mothering mag! I had my first 2 in a military hopsital...YIKES! Then I got smart and became a doula, had my #3&4 at HOME! I apprenticed for a yr with a...
Yes there is a way around the "death pledge" mortgage. (That is what mortgage means.....death pledge) YIKES! Read Rob Roy's book Mortgage Free. My hubby & I are reading it now after friends suggested it. We're about half way into it and really enjoy it!
Congrats!!!! We thought one of our was laying it's first egg today, but it died. I hope our others with start laying soon! Ours are almost 4 months.
I find that list interesting, but I'm not sure most of those communities are really what you'd be looking for. The one in NC has mostly 800K plus homes and my parents live in the Day Break community in UT in a 500K home and I know most of the people in that community are not the type that care about green or alternitive living. It is set up really cool and my parents love it, but way more conventional then I would like. They plan to put over 7000 homes in...
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