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Great post I am so proud of my DH, and all others that choose to break the cycle.
I love climbing! I used to be a competitive climber at an indoor climbing gym in Wisconsin. I have done quite a bit of "real" outdoor climing too, in Wisconsin, Utah and Colorado. I would love to get back into it if I could find a climbing parter in this area. I can't wait to start teaching my son
Quote: Originally Posted by momma23andlovnit Hi Nini02, Exciting you're moving to Mankato! Welcome to the area. I have a 5 month old and twin 5 year olds. What brings you here? Thanks! My husband just got hired at Winland Electronics there in Mankato. Just in time for winter, lol. : We're from Wisconsin, but we've been living in Mississippi for a few years now and we're a bit spoiled by the weather....
We are moving to Mankato in a couple weeks
Quote: Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X There is a lot of debate about that. Personally I would rather my child caught the wild type that way I know for sure. Someone else I am sure will be along with better answers. I agree with you. I just worry about whether we'll be able to find wild CP anymore...
Ok, so we can start looking for CP anytime then. One other question- If he catches those illnesses from a freshly vaxed child, is it as good as catching them from a child with the natural, wild version?
What is the ideal age that you would consider actively looking to expose your child to chicken pox? What about measles? We don't vax and I'm just trying to plan ahead.... TIA!
Thank you
I can't find the link, does someone have it quick? Thanks!
OMG #12 :Puke
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