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I want to buy some sort of test/monitor/indicator to help figuring out my ovulation days. Could someone please recommend me one?   Thanks Sophie
My 2.5mo is tilting her head to one side for the last 3 days. Is it normal? She is also more irritable, and I am thinking that she might have an ear infection and the head tilting a part of the ear infection thing. But I am really just guessing. Should I take her to a chiropractor for a neck issue or to the pediatrician to check for an ear infection? I prefer not to take her anywhere, so will go only if its really necessary (I don't like my ped and the insurance...
My 2.5mo DD seems to have an ear infection. Can someone please recommend natural treatments? I have garlic drops, but don't know if its safe for such a little baby. Thanks Sophie
Quote: Originally Posted by Sileree Theoretically it should, but it doesn't seem to in reality. Vaccines don't contain adenylate cyclase toxin (ACT). This is a post from a previous thread that explains how this is relevant: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...4&postcount=10 I should have gotten a degree in immunology I read the post several times and still don't quite get what it says
Quote: Originally Posted by Sileree Re: Thus going around and vaccinating adults for pertussis isn't going to stop them from carrying the bacteria and transmitting it to babies. The vaccine doesn't work that way. The point of the vaccine is to be "immune" to the toxin the bacteria release that irritates the lungs (thus making you cough), so that you cough less severely and for 5-10 days less than an unvaccinated person. But what about that...
I am totally confused on this one, cause I've read confusing statements: Some claim that the pertussis vaccine is developed only against the toxin (the one that causes the cough when the bacteria is dying), thus the vaccine will prevent the vaccinated person from getting the awful cough while he/she will still be able to spread the disease around. This will make the campaign of "I did it for my baby" totally misleading. However, some claim that the vaccine actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by ma2two SA is sodium ascorbate. It is a type of vitamin C. For pertussis, it is taken several times per day day to bowel tolerance. Too much will cause diarrhea. If it is pertussis, the doctor will notify the health department and prescribe antibiotics. The antibiotics actually make the illness worse, but they do reduce the time the person is contagious. I personally would never take them for pertussis or give them to my...
I want to take my 2.5 yo to a pool for the first time and have no idea what gear (except the swimsuit) do I need for her. Can you please advise? Thanks Sophie
I keep hearing how wonderful is Rescue Remedy. But is it safe to use for infants? If yes, what is the way to use it? My 6wo DD2 has episodes of colic once in a while, and I am willing to trying whatever at this point Thanks Sophie
So you don't take any Vit K pills after you had your babies?
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