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thanks, i forgot to come back.   ds has sent the tummy bug packing. at least the pukiness. he has still been ahving some horrible poo diapers, not sure if it is dietary or teething related.. now if we can shake the colds or whatever that are starting up around here. sore throats and a bit of coughing in all kids, plus mama. (well not sure if lil ds' throat is sore, but he has a little cough.)      
agreeing witht he others, and 2.5 is a difficult age to begin with (says the mama of an almost 2.5 yr old) still so small and young and needy and yet wanting independance so fiercely, adding to the "boundary testing" that they do as they get bigger. am thinking (and could easily be wrong, it certainly wouldn't be the first time) that if there is damage from the meds, it was probably more the meds that crossed the placenta, since studies have shown that a very small...
i havent been on meds since august ish. have been FINE. now i am weepy all the time again, and i am yelling TONS at the kids. i was on zoloft for about a year and it worked. thought i didn't need it anymore and weaned off of it with no problems. til the past couple of days.     it *may* be related to me making less milk now, though i am not actually nursing i know there are still hormones involved. or it could be stress related, we are still living with the inlaws,...
if you go to church your pastor (priest whatever) would probably have good suggestions. not only do they themselves do counseling, they refer out for various things as well.   if not, d
fenugreek is a uterine stimulant so it is not advised- at least not unless somethign has changed in the past couple of yrs.   motherlove make a tincture called more milk too (iirc) that contains no fenugreek but has other galactogogues and is supposed to be safe for pregnancy.
congrats on getting off the shield :)
i'm on kiddo 3 and still haven't mastered hand expression. i could express on a friend who was having issues (that sounded weird) but i guess i am but oddly, lol.  
bonnie, he's never latched- he was in nicu for awhile after he was born. i'm a former bf counselor (plus nursed my older kids til they weaned themselves including 11 months of tandem nursing) and tried every trick i could think of, awake asleep, moving, in the bath, pumping first for flow etc..... at 5 weeks i was making over 150oz a day. donated to a couple of babies/mamas locally and still had 2 deep freezers full of milk (mine and my mil), plus a few dozen bags in my...
  what is cha cha?
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