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i have used the divacup in the past (before my youngest child) and LOVED it. i got a new one earlier this year and have noticed that not only do i seem to bleed a LOT more than i used to for my first couple days, i also have noticed that after my heavy flow has slowed that i somehow catch urine in the cup now *while wearing it*. is this even possible or am i just imagining it? has anyone else experienced this?
happy birthday to all the "babies" celebrating them from my due date month and any newbies :).   c turned 2 in july, and is still a tiny thing. he weighs about 22 pounds now, though he is tall like the other kids were.   we are doing speech therapy with him to help him catch up a little.   he knows signs for milk, please, more, water, help, and ice cream. verbally he still is saying about the same things he has for quite awhile: mama, dada, baba, (and baba is...
i'm hoping that i'll be able to just plain stop instead of switching to another med.
hoping this thread can be revived.... have a blessed Resurrection Day weekend everyone.     We're hoping to make it to sunrise service. Everyone keep getting sick and we've not been to church since Jaunary :(   currently dd has a sore throat and sligh cough, btu nothign too bad, and little ds is teething more, so slight fever and very cranky. the big 2 never had problems with their teeth coming in. they just seemed ot pop in overnight with not so much as a...
the weight will began to be lost. I've been on it since around August, and i know i've read many say they lost weight while on it. i do not seem to be one of them.
i had no issues until my third child was born other than the normal teenage drama back in the day... after my third child though- BAM
there is lots of clapping, praising, and dancing etc in our church, it isn't how i grew up though. i was raised in a lutheran church, but am pentecostal now.   little guy and me are still pretty sick. had him at the dr today. on nebs now, since he sound sworse than last week when we were there, and he also has goopy eyes. i can't stop coughing, throat so sore i don't know how i'll do cantata practice tomorrow night. continued prayers please for wellness here.
updating, everyone is sick now, but praise God, dh's surgery went well and he is already doing a little better walking on it without his crutches than he was doing befor ethe surgery and he doesn't even start physical therapy until tomorrow!     ty 4 the prayers.
we had a crunchy Christian  thread going for quite sometime, and since i don't see it glancing through the first couple of pages i hope it is ok if i post a prayer request for hub n lil ds here. my hub willo be having another knee surgery on thursday am, i will be staying behind to get the big kids off to school after pumping milk for the baby becfore going to the hospital, and he'll likely be finished with surgery before i even get there since he has to be there by 6...
maybe you could try to stop increasing the dosage for awhile and only increase again if you need to? i have been on 50 mg since starting, though the dr wrote the rx for 100 and said to take 50 in the beginning and work my way up. i can sympathise w the insomnia part though- as you see it is almost 3 am and i ahvent even laid down yet. i have very liottle time to sleep still, but then when i have the time i have too much on my mind. the kids, hub's upcoming next surgery...
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