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i'm an ep mama. lil one is 15 months old now and due to bottles in the nicu never did latch. thankfully the only time i had to use any formula with him was what the nicu nurses put in his feeding tube when they didn't have my milk handy to give him (grrr)
motherlove makes a tincture that is for use during pregnancy; no fenugreek etc
the hubby in the evening taking the kids thing won't work, he works the 3-11 shift, and then by the time he gets in and eats etc he literally falls asleep the monute his head hits the pillow because he also gets up every morning to take the big 2 to school while i stay in bed and cuddle with the lil guy.   making my own pump bra wouldn't work for several reasons. the only sports bras i've been able to find don't have nearly big enough cup sizes to even be semi...
it worked really fast for me too, glad it is helping you!
thanks, i am planning on cutting down to 3x a day after thanksgiving, or maybe waiting til after Christmas, but for sure by new year's. maybe will see if i can cut time from 2 of my sessions a day. then combine that down to one. i really need over an hour in the am to empty out well.
i've been on 50 mg of zoloft a day since august, and this past week i've felt REALLY crummy. i think opart is realted to ds being ill and stress for the coming holidays. or is it maybe that i need to have my dosage increased a bit? has anyone else done really well on it for months and then needed to increase?
i cosleep and pump milk for ds; am taking zoloft 50 mg
it took me til ds was a yur befiore i started emds.
seriously. just not having a good day, week, whatever and i fell BLAH. the baby has been sick since SUnday morning. all snotty and starting coughing a couple days later. i've got a headache that won't quit and a bad sore throat plus am nauseous, the big kids are fighting, sil is here (that alone would be enough to stress me out) and i just want the day to be over. sorry for whining here. i prefer mozzerella, provolone, or cheddar if available please.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tumble Bumbles Wellll.... I'm a devout Christian, but I don't believe in infant baptism. We believe when a child/adolescent is at an age of reason (which varies wildly lol) they can choose themselves, of their own free will, to accept Christ or not. Infant baptism is simply a preference to show the parents' dedication to raising their child in the Christian church...but has no bearing on salvation. One has to willfully and...
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