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Quote: Originally Posted by sunpath8 So...I've long been a lurker to the MDC forums, and DS was born August 27th...but is so close to you September 09ers. Can we join in here? We'd love to share a space for thoughts, etc. online with others in the same age range... welcome! i was a due in sept mama, but i was the first to actually have to deliver (in july) Quote: Originally Posted by diana_of_the_dunes Don't havetime for...
not looking for "go ahead and quit" or i wouldn't have posted it here. anyoine have a little energy to muster a pep talk for me? he is 15 months old now, i am down to pumping 4X a day for an hour at a time, but i am still just tired of it.
baby bear is walking finally!!!!
i have 4 sets of shields/pump bodies that i use. when i was pumping 8-10 X a day this was a necessity, now it is just nice since i pump and toss the dirty stuff in the sink and wash it all at the end of the day a lot of the time now. makes thigns a little easier. i can't recommend having multiple sets highly enough as the best time saver. also, for anyone who needs to know. the ameda hygenikit tubing system works well on the older style medela pumpnstyles. in facvt...
i've been on it now since august, and the only side effects that really bother me much are the headache, but i had them before starting the med too so i can't say for sure the zoloft caused it; and insomnia, but i had that before as well due to my early morning pumping schedules to try to keep lil man in mama's milk through cold/flu/rsv season
roughly 50
a issing key shouldn't be *too* much of an issue, lol. i hope everythign else continues to work for ya!
after the birth of #3 was my first time being anemic, and i was still basically a guernsey, but i've ALWAYS had a bountiful supply. i know many who've felt that their low-iron issues was causative of supply problems though.
i'd think once you're no longer having to use the cream... i've used tto on dipes to disenfect before.
natanya, you can also try "power pumping" pump, wait for 10 minutes to give your nips a break, pump again, wait 10 more, and pump again. helps simulate a growth spurt.
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