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I would guess that the issue isn't with duct tape, but with respect or lack of respect for authority? I think that in some parts of the country peoplewouldnot find the humour or benefit in an authority figure putting themselves in such a position.
Check out Parenting With Love & Logic. they advise parents to stay calm, offer up lots of empathy and then a natural or logical consequence. The empathy must come first. I am guilty of the same reactions you have, too emotional, too much talking, unclear expectations & not enough empathy for my child. The L & L response might be: I'm happy to work on this project when your ready to be kind, or when your voice sounds like mine (your voice must be pleasant when you say...
I think she should just ask him & maybe have a couple of activities up her sleeve, playing a board game, bike ride, or Wii if you have it. Something that make it more fun as friends oriented, rather than just hanging out.
I wouldn't put both girls in time out when one is lying. I also wouldn't ask her if she lied. I might say. " it is clear that this game isn't fun for both of you, let's find something you can do together". Leaving them to play sounds problematic, so it might help to plan supervised activities, or outings for them, to break up the day. I would rely heavily on the statement. "in our home we xyz". Xyz = share, take turns, take care of belongings. They couldbake cookies,...
So, you're going to pay triple your original budget & not ask anything of her? Just because that is what others say they will do? What are you continueing to teach her? You lament about her attitude & the way she sees things & then feed that same attitude, I don't get it. I suggest you look at Parenting Teens with Love and Logic. I think you're making a mistake, granted that opinion is based only on the content of this thread. Best of luck with prom.
I knew what you were talking about right away! Lucky, lucky you! That would be so much fun.
Lots of good advice so far, may i suggest the book Parenting Teens with Love & Logic it is great.
Toss up, toddlers are cute, cudly, full of awe & noffer nearly unconditional love, but there is that demnding, irrational side too.  All those late nights, wee hours & early mornings, that touched out feeling.   My teen can, of course be difficult (self involved, obstinate, beligerant, disrespectful), but when I catch a glimpse of who he is becoming, when he talks to me about himself, his friends, his world.  When he shares that side of himself, I see how amazing it...
I feel that children are valuable and need lots of love & guidance and some boundaries.  
Big hugs, I am so sorry.
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