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You know, I don't get a chance to read or post here much but everytime I do you ladies leave me in stitches!!! This thread is just too funny! This.... Quote: *shake it with me!* It's your thang do what ya wanna do I can't tell ya if it's for pee or poo..... about made me pee my pants! How funny!! Oh and when I told DH that I wanted a "thing" too he said I can't have one. He said he has a thing that I never use or play with so I'm sure as...
I just had this happen tonight. I have tried nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, WD40, baking soda, tea tree oil (figured why not at that point. LOL), a friend said try milk and that didn't work...... looks like I'm going to be painting tonight. Why couldn't it have been the crayons he has that are easy to clean off the walls? Just HAD to be Daddy's pen. UGH
Does anyone happen to have or know where I can look at a copy of what a Georgia religious exemption would look like? I have the philosophical exemption already just for the fact that we move so much but I don't know how to put together a religious one. Thank you in advance.
*dragging toe in dirt* Yeah...ummmm.... I was lurking too and it looks like I missed the ending as well. Could some DEAR, SWEET, WONDERFUL mama find it in her heart to PM me the ending of the story as well? I would be FOREVER grateful and ...... okay so yeah, I'm sucking up...and shamelessly too. Pretty please?
My oldest's name is Bret with ONE "T" and so far we have yet to meet another one like that. Of course, I don't think we know any other Bret's HIS age either. I have a friend with a Brett but he is 4 I think. My daughter's name is Lachelle and accept for the girl I named her after I have never heard anyone else with that name. Unfortunately for both of the kids it makes it hard to buy personalized anything. LOL When I was pregnant with the baby, I hadn't heard of...
Oh how fun!!! And thank you for the link explaining what that meant. I actually get to be NOT clueless for once!!! LMAO Congrats on your DDDDC!!!
I mostly just come here to read. There is ALOT of great info that several of you post here and I love to read and learn. By reading things here alot of my views have changed and it has helped me towards becoming the person I want to be. If it wasn't for the non-vax forum I never would have known HALF of what was out there and might not have had the courage and peace of mind to not vax my youngest.
Well as I suspected my DH was in no way shape or form going to do this. Of course as I also knew, he did nothing but make fun of me BUT who cares...he's hairy so I'll pull his hair later or something. The two oldest children and I did this though and it was fun and a nice way to spend time together. My son kept wanting to put that he was surrounded by pretty skinny girls or had a pretty girlfriend and I had a nice talk to him so he ended up with "I have a girlfriend...
I have yet to see another person with their child in a sling around here. I honestly get at least one person everytime I go out wearing DS asking me "Did you make that?" or "What a great idea!". I've even told them where to get one but who knows if they ever did.
Okay the whole not before 5:41pm EST thing made this harder. lol I had to haul the baby and dd out to get the magazines and posterboard. So she wants to put horses on her's so I found a little notebook with a horse on front that she can cut out and some cheerleading scrapbook stuff she can use. Mama picked up some cheesy magazines and an Organic Living magazine just because I couldn't resist. So we get our stuff ready tonight and tomorrow we start. Two...
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