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Wow. Lots of horror stories! Our current VISA is excellent, but only offers 1% cash back. We usually charge around $2K/month on it, so will get about $240 cash back. If we switched to the BoA VISA, we'd get $480 back. But maybe the extra $240/year is not worth the potential hassles? Our current cc was once stolen, and somebody made tons of charges on it, and we were able to easily get reimbursed for everything. Thanks for everyone's input!
OK - I should not call it a "forever house." But for many different reasons, DH and I have decided (after 8 years of living in our current home) that we need to either buy a slightly larger home or add on to ours.   Both will cost money.   What bothers me most is that I don't know and can't plan for how much money.   We are leaning towards buying a different house. We may find one for $200K. We may find one for $270K. And then we'd need to sell our house. We...
I have three boys who are obsessed with legos. We have our sets, and then we have our "miscellaneous" legos, which consist of random pieces I bought in bulk (used) on eBay. So they can either build a set with instructions or create their own pieces from the random bin.    Our sets, however, are stored somewhat imperfectly. When one is disassembled, I keep most of the pieces in a ziplock bag with the instructions. This way, we only have to search the "random" bins for...
It definitely says 2% cash back, not up to 2%. I've read the fine print several times and haven't found a catch. We just received this offer in our mail yesterday, so maybe it's a new card. I guess I can just give it a try and see what happens. 
I guess they're technically not retirement funds. I should probably just call them investments. They are separate from our 401ks. It's actually money we inherited about four years ago and chose to invest at that time.    My other thread was whether we should use the money sitting in our bank accounts to pay down the loans.    I guess I'm just frustrated because I feel as though we can't move forward with our financial plans until we buy our "forever house."   
Does anyone use this card?    Claims there is no annual fee. I read all the fine print.   We charge almost everything on cc and pay it off every month. Our current card gives us 1% cash back, which has been great.   Does 2% sound too good to be true? Will they change the "rules" once we start using the card?    Any thoughts? I'd love to get 2% back if we could!
We can't afford a home large enough for a relative to live with us on our own. So I guess the only way to do this would be for the relative to contribute a chunk to the downpayment. I don't think they have much, though.   This isn't a situation we particularly want to get into. We just thought it might be easier in the long run.   I was just wondering if anyone else was in this position and able to work out a workable solution.
Student loan is 3.875%.   Money in investment account is earning basically nothing. It's actually lost $2K in the past three months. 
If we were to buy a larger house so an elderly relative could live with us, how would that work?    First, we'd have to buy a larger house than we would if it were just us. For example, we'd need to have a bedroom and full bath on the main floor.    The relative would be willing to contribute to the cost. For them, it would be cheaper than their rent, and they'd have companionship and help from family. For us, it would enable us to buy a better house than what we...
We have about 18K in retirement savings that we can withdraw without any penalty. (This is not all of our retirement savings, only a small portion.)   I've been keeping this money in the back of my mind as part of a downpayment toward a larger house we'd like to buy in the future. (Depending on how expensive the house is, we may or may not need this money.)   But we also have a 19K student loan (posted about in another thread) that is our only debt aside from our...
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