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This IS what we're hoping to do. I've been "looking" for several years. And now home prices have dropped more than ever. If we can get a good deal, we will likely go for it. Of course, we would then have to sell our house, which could end up being a problem. I am prepared to sell our house for a low price, but we're not financially prepared to have it on the market more than 6 -12 months (but that would be a whole other thread).  
Anyone heard of/use this? A friend recently recommended it to me, and their website seems a bit frenetic, so I'd rather hear some stories from "real" people.    We are paying almost $54/month for our land line, and it's ridiculous since we use it only for a handful of local calls each week. However, I like having a phone that works when the power goes out (which happens frequently in our area, often for several days at a time). And I also like not having to talk on a...
My kids love playing with Magnatiles as well. However, we ended up buying Magformers. They're a little less money, and there are more shapes available. A year later, they are still played with almost every day.
We have ours at 65 or 66 during the day, but turn it up to 68 at night. Our house is not insulated (aside from attic insulation added later) so the bedrooms get very cold at night. I am always cold and have to wear socks and layers at all times. The kids don't seem to care what the temperature is!   Last winter, I decided to see if we could get by with less heat, and then our kitchen sink pipes started running as just a trickle (partially frozen). It would cost...
Question - Are most of you basing the percentage on your take-home pay (after deductions for health insurance, 401(k), etc.)? And for housing, are you including the mortgage, school/property tax, insurance, etc.? Or are you also including monthly utilities, water, garbage, etc.? 
Thanks, I'll try out that calculator.
Thanks. I'll have to ask DH to do that, since he does our taxes (I wouldn't even know where to begin). I was hoping there'd be an online calculator, but I guess it's too complicated?
Hi - Is there some sort of calculator out there that calculates the tax advantages of owning a home? I'm trying to see what the differences (cost wise) are between renting and owning. We currently own, so I know the property/school taxes we paid in 2010 as well as our mortgage interest are on our 2010 taxes.    Is the easiest way just to "re-do" our taxes without the home information?    Thanks!  
Thanks again for all the thoughts and replies!    We are fine where we are for now, but I keep looking anyway. At some point, we will want more space. I don't care if the bedrooms are super tiny - I still think it would be nice for each of my boys to have his own room through the teenage years. We don't homeschool, but we do spend a lot of time at home and eat all of our breakfasts and dinners here. (We rarely eat out.)   And as a PP said, it's true that newer...
    I completely agree on your thoughts regarding space. We are already running into problems on holidays/birthdays. We can fix 6 people comfortably at our kitchen table - and we have no dining room! Also, I do want my kids to hang out at home as much as possible when they get older. So I'd like to have some sort of "cool" boy space for them. Our current basement has low ceilings and huge ductwork running through it - so not much head room.   We unfortunately do not...
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