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I wish we could! But we have a lot of it, and neither DH nor I know what we're doing. We're not very handy people.  
Good point about the buyers market. Getting rid of the problem is my first inclination, but my realtor and most health experts disagree.   I'm not worried about our air quality. The asbestos is not exposed and is covered by two layers of non asbestos-containing flooring. I'd be more worried about the toxic flooring being used today - and all the dangerous stuff that's in that we just don't know about yet!
  I WISH my 401(k) could be counted on to earn 4% over 30 years! I can only hope that will happen.   What about inflation? Couldn't that make the house worth more than the money over the next 30 years?  
I think this is what we WILL end up doing. I just don't want to add a bunch of new vinyl to my house and then close all the windows for the winter. We could just tough it out until the spring, I guess, and hope we sell the house quickly. We're in a popular area and have a fantastic lot (and a lower-priced home) so I'm hoping we'll have buyers.   I just wish I had a solution for right now so I could stop thinking about this issue and move on to the next issues on the list!
  The asbestos is considered "contained" if a new floor is installed over it. So ours is already "contained." It would cost about $4K to have it professionally removed. And then we'd have to pay for the new floor on top of that. I am willing to do this (or give the buyer a credit to do this) in order to make one less issue for the house, but our realtor feels we shouldn't. He thinks most buyers will rip it out themselves (it is legal to do that).   I guess we can try...
We do live in an upscale area, but our house is one of the lowest priced houses in the neighborhood, so vinyl would probably be OK. The kitchen is old anyway, so somebody may want to replace the kitchens and the floors at the same time.   Sorry about your carpet! But I bet it will help the house sell.  
I agree that the engineered floors look cheap. However, "green" floors like linoleum, etc. are even more expensive. And they would require a thin layer of wood be nailed down to the existing floor before they were installed. So we'd spend more money, and the floor would be more difficult to tear out down the line.   If we were planning to stay in this house, I would either pay to have the asbestos floor torn out, or I would splurge on the green linoleum. Both of...
  I've asked similar questions on here in the past and gotten some good advice. We are looking to purhcase a slightly larger home in the next year or two. We were going to buy a house first and then try to sell ours, but I have been talked out of that idea by several wise women on this board!   SO - now the plan is to gradually fix up our house and then put it on the market next spring. Our realtor has been though the house, and we have a laundry lists of...
Thanks for the rental ideas, Zoebird, but we would not be good landlords! We are not handy, and just don't want the hassle.   Velochick, I see all your points. I guess right now we are diversified, with some money being in our 401(k)s and some being in our house. But that's all we have, besides a savings account. I can't imagine us touching the 401(k) money - I was just wondering how other people felt about that option.   We are both contributing above the match...
  Yes, we would have at least 20% to put down on the type of house we want. BUT the taxes would be higher and the mortgage payments would be higher. We are not comfortable with the higher payments at our current income level.   Maybe we should just reduce the amount of money we put into our 401(k)s each month and put that money towards the higher mortgage payment.   Thanks for everyone's thoughts!     
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