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I LOVED my experience at Special Beginnings. Drove down from Baltimore…and had a very short labor ( I was already 10cm dilated when I arrived) and a very uncomfortable drive, but it was totally worth it.  Isn't Kathy Sloane and associates (midwives) moving to St. Joe's in Towson? I have heard mixed things about UMD.    Good luck! Aimee
We are considering sending our daughter, 6 in August, to the Waldorf School of Baltimore or The Greenmount School in the fall. I would love to hear any first-hand experiences/observations, good or bad, from those who have children who have attended either school.  Thanks so much,  Aimee
Hi, I was due May 24th. On Thursday our baby boy, Nico David, died at 18 weeks gestation. I am having trouble figuring out how to get off of the several threads I was getting updates on. Please help. Thank you.   Aimee
This last 2 weeks has been rough! (I am 9w 4d, I think)...much more difficult than the pregnancy with my daughter. Non-stop nausea, fatigue, headaches, and general blahnes. Also, starting to have spd symptoms. I really only have a few good hours a day to do anything more than lie around, and then I am done, and feel awful. Since it is so different I am wondering if it is a boy! So, I am going to try B6 for the nausea...but not sure what my dosage should be...any...
Um, I just started catching up on posts and see that there has been a lot of discussion of the flue vaccine on other threads, so, I can just read those if people are not interested in a rehash here.... Thanks! Aimee
I don't mean to start a big mess on here, but I was wondering what different people's personal choices were about whether or not to get the vaccine...no judgement of others, please--would just like to hear about how you made your decision as a pregnant woman. Thanks! Aimee
Yes! I had it starting in my fifth month in my last pregnancy...actually had some kind of sprain and it was aggravated by a car accident. Was on crutches, and for a bit couldn't walk at all. Finally got better in my 8th month. I am about 8 weeks now and have started feeling twinges. Saw my chiropractor today (for me the only thing that has helped) and she recommended getting a trochanter belt, which I just ordered. I also have a jeunique girdle type thing that I wore...
I was doing fine until this week and then something hit me! I think that it is a combination of ms and a cold, but my nausea and exhaustion have been really bad for about 6 days, and I have had a bad headache come and go for about 4 days, along with feeling achey and a sore throat. Are headaches ever a pregnancy symptom?  
Knitting Tigers! Hello! So happy to see you here! What do you think about this age separation of almost 5 years that we are going to have with these kids?     I forgot to mention in my intro that I plan on having this baby at the same birth center as where I had Mirah. I think that it will be so nice to return there, and show Mirah where she was born!       -Aimee  
Hi, My name is Aimee, I am 36, and I live in Baltimore, Maryland, with my husband and my just turned 4 daughter, Mirah. I just got the double line on the stick this morning! And I believe that I am due in late May. We started trying to get pregnant at the beginning of the Summer, and did on the first try, but it did not stick, and lost it very early (I don't think there was implantation). So, thinking lots of sticky thoughts now! I still co-sleep with my...
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