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Women for Women International is hosting this event http://joinmetoronto-rss.eventbrite.com/ Spread the word!
Quote: Originally Posted by treehugz I relate with this too... I feel like my energy is just sapped. My dc is somewhat high need and I'm home with her 24-7. Since dd was born, I can count the number of hours I've spent alone in my house on one hand (she's now 2). I'm really feeling like I'm not a great parent lately. I'm ISTJ, close to 100% in each category. I like checklists... the lists I have as a SAHM are so depressing... I feel like I just tread...
Nice to meet you! Welcome
OMG!!! CameronsMama! All's well here. Can't chat right now gotta take DD to skating. Can't wait to catch up.
Congratulations and welcome! From south western Ontario
Well, whaddya know? The thread's back in action? I've been totally AWOL. Avoiding MDC a bit. I guess I've been getting too much of a pity party vibe lately. Plus, I'm getting involved with other things. Redveg and Mittenskittens! I missed you guys! MK, so are you going to more to Canada or what?!?! nice to meet you ANaturalPush, Laur318, mami to 3
Quote: Originally Posted by MittensKittens BaBaBa, glad you think I'd like Canada... What do you think the best location is? hmmmm.... Well, I think you'd like Montreal because it's the most vibrant, cosmopolitan city in Canada. It has a bit of a European feel. You might not like the cold and snow in winter but really, it's not that bad. It's a good reason to keep knitting I also think you'd like Vancouver. The climate is mild. ...
yep.... someone else here with a 3 year old that can not fall asleep on her own. ?
Quote: Originally Posted by MittensKittens Canada seems pretty good, but the weather is probably too cold for my liking . Not true! The west coast is relatively mild. I think you'd like Canada
Quote: Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl The end of Starship Troopers has the most disturbing vagina dentata scene ever! That's exactly what I thought!!!!
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