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Quote: It's interesting because I reuse the bags from the store thus eliminating my need for plastic trash bags and I had been able to save money doing this We use our plastic grocery bags as our garbage bags as well. We have a plastic Rack Sack from BB&B that uses them so we don't need to use trash bags. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/prod...=-1&SKU=108979
Hello! I knit this skirt at least a year ago and cannot find my directions. I'm sure they're on this computer somewhere but DH isn't home to help me And Theresa is on holiday. I can't remember where the elastic goes. I still have a string through part of it...is that where it goes? But then it will show so I'm not sure Can anyone help? Thanks!
OK...sorry to be a pain here but what happens if I rinse the dye then soak them in the soda ash? I just rinsed most of them and they're still pretty bright. The red/orange faded a bit but I dyed some prefolds and a playsilk and they're all for my private use so I'm not terribly concerned about perfection or maybe I wouldn't have missed a step Anyway, if staining other things is the main concern then I could just wash the dyed prefolds together and not with my FB.
We do have soft water but I'll re-do them anyway to make sure. Thanks for you help! soda ash, soda ash, soda ash...
Thanks Kathy. I'm actually tie-dying so they aren't in a bath. Guess I'll just re-do them today. Will they just fade or will the dye not set at all? Thanks for your help!
I was doing a little dyeing today and completely forgot to actually put the soda ash fixer in the bucket of water that my projects soaked in. Doh! What does this mean for my items? They've already been dyed and are setting at the moment.
Quote: - Using unscented unperfumed household products, soaps, lotions, etc. Dove Sensitive is good. - Get rid of fabric softener, that's a huge one I rarely use lotions and don't even use soap very often when I shower. I use BS a lot (I didn't use shampoo for 6 months and only wash about 2 times a week now) but I've never tried making a regular paste and letting it sit. I'm about to take a shower so I'll give it a go. Do gluten-intolerances just...
Thanks for the input. I'm more concerned with my bumps than I am with his...his you can't really see but you can see mine and they seem to be moving up my shoulders these days
When I was pregnant with my first child 3 years ago I got small bumps on the backs of my upper arms and they're still around. Sometimes there's redness too. What's a little weird is that my son (first child) also has bumps on his upper arms but you can really only feel them. Isn't that weird? That I got them when pregnant with him and he has them too? Anyway, I've tried some acne wash and nothing happened. I've tried breastmilk and that seemed to make it red. I know...
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