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I used to, but now I gave my farm to dd (11) and I have to say that she takes good care of everything
I got myself kamik boots last year, and I am very happy with them. That's always the brand I buy for my daughters also, because they last (the sole lasts longer than the Sorel's ones IME) and are very warm. http://www.kamik.com/kamik_winter09/en/products.shtml
We do leave them open, and also sometimes sleep with the doors unlocked... We are in Canada though (in Montreal, which is a big city, and are not in what you would typically call a "nice" neighborhood).
So far, my experience with Mirena has been great: I don't have any side effects except for the disapearing of my periods (most of the time). I've had light spotting a few days a month, and sometimes for a week a month, but it was never enough to need a pad or anything, so for me that's a big plus.
I removed my piercing when I was around 2 months pregnant, and the hole did stretch during the pregnancy, to make a 4-5 inches long scar (the only mark I got on my stomach). Now that the skin is not as stretched, it is not as apparent, but it sure doesn't look like it did before.
Sorry it happened to you. My mother's day was similar: my mother brought a gift for my grandma in my name and in my sister's name (without telling me). She didn't want me to pay, but I felt like I had to, so I did. Then I call my sister and she asks me if I bought my mom a gift. I didn't. I ended up paying half the gift she bought my mom. (And I'm glad I did, because my mom gave me a gift ...) I don't know, but I feel like mother's day shouldn't be about giving...
Most of the people in my circle of friends have at least a master's degree, many have a doctorate. I haven't kept in touch with many of my high school friends, but those I still talk to also have a universtity degree. It is a different thing in my extended family though, where almost noone has a university degree (my sister and I and our DP are exceptions).
I commuted for 1 1/2 hour each way for two years. It sucked, but we managed. Now, during the winter it takes 1 hour for me to get to work, and we also manage. It really isn't ideal, but many people do it. About renting and foreclosure, I don't know if you're looking for a landlord's point of view, but if it is, here's mine: We never did a credit check on any of our renters for 8 years, but last september, we rented the basement apartment to a guy and he was unable...
We have a lot: more than 200k in mortgage 25000 in student loans still 8000 on our car 2000 in cc debt
Hi, I hope it's not too late to jump in and ask you something: 1- Will I go to live abroad in the near future (5 years or less)? 2- More babies?
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