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Hi, thanks for the replies. I looked at a ton of videos and I think we are on the right track. Yesterday was her first night at home and she slept in her crate without saying a word. This morning when I woke up, I went to see her to take a walk and she just moved her tail without making a sound. Dh spent the day at home with her, and it all went well. She tried to go on the furniture, but climbed down as soon as we "asked" her to. She is pretty good walking on the...
Hi, so we finally decided to get a dog. We found a beautiful golden mix at the local shelter. She is around 2yo and has had puppies (we don't know how many litters) and she is going to get spayed on Monday. We are going to get her after that. I know we are going to crate her during the day, at least at first. I was wondering how much water I should leave with her. We are going to be gone for about 7 hours during the day on Tuesday. Also, do you have any...
Hi, we have a olympus e510 with the 2 kit lenses. I bought it because at the time, it got great reviews and gave the best quality lenses for the lowest price. It also has a great dust removal system and an integrated stabilizer (instead of being in the lense, it is inside the camera). It is also not too big, which was nice when we traveled this summer. I know it is not rated as the nikon or canon, but those brands offered lesser quality kit lenses, and I didn't have...
I do it all the time. I'm a teacher, and if a student forgets his/her book, I'll lend them mine and then explain and read the questions from a students book laid on a desk, upside down.
I should be creating exams for my students and marking the papers they gave me back last week. (just taking a break right now)
I always double my muffins recipes and never had problem. Maybe you would need to adjust the baking time, but I always check them in the last few minutes, so that's never been an issue. HTH
I'm so sorry you had to live that. I usually stay calm in most situations, but racism like that gets the better of me, and I too would have yelled and cried. I can't believe people like that still exist and seem proud to be that way.
I love my country (Canada) Here in Quebec, we have public health care. Our public schools are considered good, but if you want excellent, you can get a great private school for 2700$ a year. Real estate has gone up, but it really depends on what you are looking for, and I do believe that it is possible to find something decent for not too much money. Concerning employment, I couldn't really say, because my husband and I are both in high demand fields.
I ride my bike to and from work (a little more than 6 miles one way) every day. Dh gets the kids to school in the morning, but I pick them up after school. Since it is not that far from our house, I just walk my bike. What I like the most about it is that it takes less time than to take public transport and the same as taking a car. I also love that when I arrive in the morning, I am fully awake and oxygenated and ready to start my day. I love that I know I exercise...
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