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Ok, I closed the program and it had been automaticaly saved half an hour ago. Thanks gaialice!
Quote: Originally Posted by gaialice Are you sure it is not saved? It might do that thing where it saves on its own and if you restart the PC it pops up like a recovered file? I hope so, but really, I would like to be sure.
Hi, I worked on a diaporama with windows movie maker and now the program froze and I can't manage to save what I have done. This assignment is due today and I don't have time to do it all over again. Is there a way I can save it? I really worked like crazy on this and it was really good. Please!
Quote: Originally Posted by lovingmommyhood I went the note route... "The marijuana smell is coming into our apt. We were hoping you could either stop smoking it in the building or find a way to keep it from leaving your unit. There are lots of tips on how to do this online. Thank you, your neighbors" It's about 7:45 and I haven't smelled anything! I won't be sniffing around their door... I don't even mind if it's in the hallway I just don't want...
Sorry this happened to you. Whenever my kids have friends over, I always clean A LOT because I am scared that in it's normal state, that's what would happen. That's why I liked my friends from my previous city sooooo much: we could all commiserate on how our houses were not spotless but didn't make a big deal about it. I hope you can talk to the mom or the dad an clear things out.
I'd return it. I have had stuff returned too. I hope you get your bracelet back.
We are expecting 30-40 cm of snow here in Ottawa... :
It happens to all of us.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Drinking lots of water helps a lot. Brushing teeth and scraping tongue too. Sorry, not very original...
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