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Hi, you can basicaly use any oils to make soap. Here's a calculator I use http://thesage.com/calcs/lyecalc2.php If you click on the names of the oils, they also tell you what their properties are. I usualy make a soap out of 1/3 olive, 1/4 coconut, the rest... whatever I have on hand (grapeseed, canola, palm, jojoba, ...). It always ends up great.
I'm not using the diva cup, but the keeper, so I figure the risks are quite similar. I asked my doctor and he laughed. so. hard. He told me he almost had to ask for help to remove IUDs, so that there was no way my keeper would "suck it out". I have the mirena IUD though, and I think he mentioned that it was harder to remove, so maybe a copper IUD would not be the same. HTH
I've soooo BTDT . I hate when "friends" do that. I think your husband handled it right though.
They're really beautiful.
We rent and have never done a credit check nor a background check. We do ask for references though (work and previous house). Depending on our feeling, sometimes we call, sometimes we don't.
Thanks for all the hugs. I really needed them all. I don't know why, but my life always seems like a rollercoaster ride.
Bikini: I wax everything once a month legs: I wax once a month in the summer, maybe once every 2 months the rest of the year Armpits: I shave once a week in the summer, when needed in winter. I am naturaly not too hairy, so this works for me.
I have a BA and a MA in French Studies and in 2 months, I will have a B.Ed.
I saw this too and I was thinking that it is exactly what we do: we don't have a tv, I never bring the to McDonald's and they almost never take medicine (maybe once every other year?). What a terrible mother!
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