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My DS did that one time when he had a stomach bug, too.  And, like you, I felt that he should eat if he was hungry.  I quickly had to stop that, though, b/c he just couldn't keep anything down.,  I would say that if it has been several hours with no vomiting, try a spoonful of broth, wait 5-10 minutes and then try another spoonful if it stays down, and proceed from there.  Obviously, I would avoid anything heavy or fatty that might be difficult to digest.  Good luck...I...
This is me, too.  I feel amazing despite the fact that I am 3 weeks out from my c/s.  I even ran the vacuum yesterday .  Another clog today :(    
Michelle :)
Green -> BLUE!
I got a clogged duct the other day, DS was just over 2 weeks.  I do tend to get a big, hard, painful lump with mine, though.  My LC recommends ibuprofen for pain and to thin out the clog.  I did a warm compress and then gently massaged while pumping and it unclogged fairly easily.  My LC also recommends a cold pack on the affected area after nursing/pumping to reduce supply at that spot.  Good luck.  I get some stubborn clogs from time to time and in fact, I have a...
Mine finally went away 11 days post partum.  It was itching like crazy one day and gone the next.  So glad to be over that!
If you developed PUPPS after you delivered, how long did it take to go away?  I'm 9 days pp and about to go crazy from the itching :(
Will post birth story later, but the quick and easy version is that I began labor early Tuesday morning...took me a while to realize I was actually in labor.  We headed to the hospital and delivered Harrison Thomas by (planned) repeat c-section on Tuesday, February 8th at 8:43am.  I'm tired and sore but we are home this afternoon.   ETA:  9lbs 2oz, 20 inches, apgars 9/9, 38 weeks exactly
I buy the "heavy duty" shower curtains, wash them on warm or hot with towels and then put them in the dryer for 10 minutes with the towels to get the water off of it.  I do always set a timer though :)
New Posts  All Forums: