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I am thinking that I might "accidently" take a few swigs of water during the night, and maybe first thing when I wake up.  I mean, I really can't imagine a few sips of WATER making a difference, especially since it'll still be hours before the surgery.  "Oops, I accidently swallowed some water while brushing my teeth"  
I've made some progress on feeding the freezer this week   Zuppa toscana (donated from a friend) Burritos (donated from a friend) Pizza kit - homemade crust, homemade sauce, and toppings ready to assemble and bake Twice baked potatoes - 2 meals worth Meatloaf Meatballs for spaghetti - 2 meals worth Chicken nuggets Parmesan chicken tenders for chicken parmesan Rolls - freezing two pans (14 each), cooking one today   I have a chicken thawing today...
Yes, that's the potential problem.  Though, with my prior two non-scheduled c-sections, they have asked me when the last time I had something to eat.  I'm sure that I drank water throughout the night...I always do.  And, with my other c-sections, there's no way they could have delayed even if I had had something to eat.  I'm sure it's one of those rare occurences but they just don't want to take any more chances than they have to.  
ComplexOphelia, do you want to be my best friend?  As for the calendar, I haven't written anything...and I don't know if I will.  I didn't last time.  I was so in denial about the c-section that I wouldn't even let them schedule it until the last minute.  And after it was scheduled, I didn't tell anyone the date...until the week before.  This time I'm more comfortable with the whole thing, but I still can't imagine walking into the hospital pregnant and being calmly...
Oh, you're right!  I hadn't even thought of it, but 2/22/11 is very mathematical, since 2 goes into 22 11 times.  I majored in math.  I'm a nerd at heart  
I still feel like I don't really "know"...it's more like a "not later than"   But, at the end of pregnancy, that's a nice-to-know!
I'm ready-ish.  Not exactly feeling physically at the end yet, thankfully.  Everything seems to be in a mostly-done state, but I know from experience that most everything can be done later...except pictures, you can't get the moment back.  Speaking of which...I really need to pack the camera.  Off to do that right now!
Workout?  What is this strange thing that you speak of?    
Thanks, I have been in discussion with my doctor and we are both comfortable with the current schedule.  As I said earlier, we would of course change our plans if the situation warranted.   Starting to regret that I started this thread :(
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