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Welcome back! I can't believe your kids are so grown up all of a sudden.
I like that kid!
The material is not different in the homeschool edition, it just adds the ability to produce progress reports and to track a few different students. If you live in a high regulation state, those reports might be useful.
Talking Like the Rain is a wonderful anthology. We have also gotten a lot of mileage out of Poetry Speaks to Children (it has a marvelous cd with authors like Roald Dahl and Robert Frost and J.R.R. Tolkien reading their own work).
How about Heifer International? Their work is well-documented and impressive.
I also recommend getting the best laptop you can manage. You will be using it hard and want to waste as little time as possible with crashes. Sometimes, Apple runs specials at back-to-school time that give you a free ipod touch with a new laptop for students. Then, you could have some of the fun of a tablet and a solid (albeit pricey) laptop.  
Long hikes and camping trips Smoking salmon Berry picking and preserving Huge neighborhood picnics  Avoiding bears   Are we just too Alaskan for words, or what?
The distance programs in Alaska vary in how friendly to unschooling they are. Some have specific curricula and attendance requirements and would render unschooling impossible. Others are a lot more flexible, but there are still some minimal hoops through which to jump. If you do not enroll in a distance program, though, you do not even have to submit a letter of intent. 
I guess I technically work at home. I teach piano lessons in my home four afternoons a week. Since most of my students attend school, lessons tend to be after 3:00pm and my kids (9 and 6.5) just vanish into their room. We've been doing this for a couple of years now and added students gradually. I keep my rates low, so I do not earn a great deal of money, but it does help. Since I teach more than one member of a couple of families, my kids get some built-in playdates. It...
Your ds is such an awesome kid. Congratulations!
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