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I'll share! 
Excellent list. Usually, I have a lot of advice on traveling with kids, but you've covered most of it. One thing I would add is lollipops or hard candies for motion sickness. Candied ginger, too.
At the moment, they crack me up. I keep picturing my kids in time-outs (there are Parenting adds about "discipline") while I eat fruity pebbles and drink cucumber vodka.   
We all needed passports. Thankfully, they're easy to get if you start early.
Here are some things that have had staying power with my newly 9 year old that are reasonably age-appropriate.   Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman Mariel of Redwall (or any of the Redwall books) by Brian Jacques Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes   and, for younger kids, George's Secret Key to the Universe by Stephen and Lucy Hawking is wonderful.     We're a little heavy in fantasy around here. Oh, and my shoulder-surfing...
This was true of my oldest daughter as well. At 18-20 months, she memorized vast quantities of text the most impressive of which was the first Eloise book (87 pages). She spelled simple words and noticed print everywhere. Then, she clammed up about anything related to reading for a while. She still memorized all of her books and spent lots of time with them, but she didn't seem to be taking any more steps towards reading. Then, the week of her third birthday, I was...
Right now it seems like the corporate world just wants the cheapest possible employees. No benefits?! 
Here you go!  and.      
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