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Drawings wouldn't bother me at all.
Personally, I think that having a group of your friends do a reading with her sounds like a nice balance. A play that she as written, set to music, choreographed, designed, and costumed is not a half-dead weed in a pot. If your friends would enjoy it and you are willing to provide the wine, then it sounds like a good way to honor the work she has done. I would make it clear to her that it is a special one-time deal and that your friends are not automatically available...
Likewise. We have measurable precipitation more than 300 days a year. We'd be shut-ins if we didn't just put on appropriate clothing and head out.    
Linda, I've read your posts for years and have a great deal of respect for you. Seriously, you've accomplished a great deal for yourself and your family. Your online community is proud of you. Happy Birthday. 
We live in a small house in Alaska. Barring windchill to -40 or winds over 50mph, we just bundle up and go out. Even a short walk tends to improve everyone's mood. 
Also remember that you can easily change the music on your ipod. My dp has an 8GB and it runs all of his apps and he just rotates his music choices.  
Neither of us changed our names when we got married. Dd1 has DP's last name and dd2 has mine.
  I'm with you. I adore my Kindle. It as absolutely intuitive to use and the e-ink screen doesn't give me a headache the way a lit screen does if I use it for too long.    I do get most of my books from Amazon, but a lot of them are free. I also frequent Smashwords, Project Guttenberg, and some publishers websits (like Baen Books) for good deals. I'm an incredible fast reader and my Kindle means I'm not stuck at the kids' dance studio reading the same book for the third...
Congratulations to two awesome young women (and their families)!
This was our experience, too. With both kids. 
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