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I'm calling it a win!
  I think I'll have t-shirts printed...  
You look fabulous!
I always seem to end up in Ravenclaw. 
The ability to manage screen time is something that comes naturally to some and needs to be learned by others. I don't think that your ds is particularly behind on this one.    One thing I see in your post is a lot of talk about when the screens are not allowed. Are there specific times when they are always allowed? When my kids started wanting to play video games and watch the occasional movie, we set up particular times for these activities so that they knew that I...
LOL. It may be sacrilege, but that was my response to the one and only Grisham I ever attempted. I just couldn't stand that book: boring, predictable, flat. I kept reading almost to the end because the world told me it would improve, but I finally just couldn't care anymore. 
The Kindle does support sharing now.  It works exactly the same as the Nook in that regard.   Honestly, I think that the Nook and the Kindle are both awesome devices and that you would love either one.  
I LOVE my Kindle. To me, the experience is much more like reading a book than reading on a computer screen. The e-ink screen is even easier on the eyes than paper and I adore the ability to cart a library to all of the kid activities. Amazon customer service has gone above and beyond with the Kindle, too.   Now, there is one drawback to the Kindle. If your library supports e-books, you can't read them on the Kindle. E-pub is a format that works for Sony, Kobo, Nook, but...
Hair left behind on the soap. Major yuck.   And, I can't eat breakfast cereal if it has gone soggy. 
Excellent post.   
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