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Fresh bread also goes over well especially if you take it over still warm. Sometimes grieving people don't feel like eating and the smell of fresh bread could probably make a rock hungry.
You've just found the one drawback to the Kindle. It doesn't support epub, the format libraries use. That said, there are tons of free books available. Amazon, Project Guttenburg, Baen Books, etc...  
Beanma, I totally hear you about spoilers sometimes being a good thing. Dd2 can handle so much more if she has some spoilers. (Mind you, we are not pushing her to handle more mature content. She does this herself--she's one driven kid. The problem is that her drive can exceed her comfort zone.)
Already some great choices. My 8 year old dd1 adores many of these books (in addition to HP): Percy Jackson, the Tiffany Aching books (@Matthia: there is a fourth I Shall Wear Midnight). Other things in a fanciful vein that have been hits: The Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Collville, the Redwall books (there are about a billion of these), the Half Magic books by Eager. If she's sensitive, the Oz books (after the first one which is kind of lame) are written at a higher...
My oldest dd resisted HP for a long time because, "everyone reads them." Then, when she was 7 (she's 8.5 now), her uncle gave her the British editions and she consented to read the first book. Then, she read one a day for the rest of the week and has re-read them countless times since (she's a fast reader).    My youngest dd is 6 and just finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with DP. She is more sensitive, but is really loving the books. It...
I remember that feeling so well, too. I hope it makes a really positive impression on her.  
How about a treasure hunt with clues? It can take a while for them to build stamina, but lots of short bits do add up.
Before moving to Alaska, I had only flown a handful of times. Now, if I want to see family, it is either a three day boat ride or a two hour flight. We fly at least twice a year.
This post really resonated for me. Thank you.
If you have tall kids, the Turbobooster is not the greatest choice. My oldest daughter was too tall for the TB before she even moved into a booster. She has a long torso and the Monterey was the only seat where she could use the back at all. At 8.5, she almost passes the 5-step test, and still uses the Monterey as a backless booster.
New Posts  All Forums: