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I want to mine again. Maybe some flaming red this time...
I'd hire you. I'm gonna buck the trend and say that I like the first one better, but both are great. I love bright hair and am debating which color to do on mine next.
I live in Alaska. Yes, it is a state, the 49th to be specific. No, we do not live in an igloo and run sled dogs to the grocery store. No, it does not snow all of the time where I live. Alaska spans several different climate zones including the temperate rain forest. Oh, and, to all of the bragging Texans who come off the cruise ships: Texas is not the biggest state in the union. In fact, if Alaska were to be split in two, Texas would be the third largest. That is all.
Quote: Originally Posted by UptownZoo Thank you, Mamas. I've had a baaad day (an award winner, I tell ya'), and I needed a good laugh. As for me, I've never lost my pants. With an ass like mine, anybody who wanted to de-pants me would need some tools and plenty of time to make it happen. But I've got one from my husband... He used to drive for a living, and that caused him to have some truly terrible hemorrhoids. Twice he had to have them...
Quote: Originally Posted by avivaelona Right at that moment? ! First contraction right there on the sidewalk!
Hugely pregnant. Two weeks overdue. Hot day. Sun dress. Panties gave up the ghost and split landing on the sidewalk. Kept walking. Finally went into labor.
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card could be fun. I also agree with the suggestion of Cornelia Funke.
melissanc, if you do decide to lighten your ds' hair, best sure to do a test strand and wait a couple of days before doing the rest. Sometimes, kid hair does not stand up well to bleaching. When I did this with my dd1, the test strand looked great right after bleaching and then it pretty much crumbled two days later. So, for now, the girls can have any color they can achieve without bleach.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Dd has been out of diapers for just over a year now. She really doesn't have accidents... I think about 3 total (knock wood....) But she has her mama's huge bladder No preschool here- we're homeschooling -Angela Word for word, you wrote my post!
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