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Thanks everyone. I usually do laundry, but on the chance dh ever has to do it, it's good to know everything can go in together. And no silk panties around here, so we should be safe.
We're in the process of switching over to cloth and I have some washing questions. We ordered a Happy Heiny and a Fuzzibunz to see what worked for us (both with Joey Bunz liners). Is it ok to wash the pocket dipes with prefolds/liners/wipes or is it better to do two seperate loads? Do you wash covers and prefolds together or no? The packages arrived, so I'm anxious to get home and start washing (prewashing I guess)!!
I noticed little holes starting after the first time I washed my KKAFP. However, I bought it off Ebay so I don't know what it went through before. The seller didn't mention any problems and I do't remember the holes when I first got it. It aggravates me, but I don't think it's unsafe yet. The holes are at the top of the seam, I guess where it stretches for dd to go in. Interesting that others have the same issue, I thought naybe I was doing something wrong.
DD went through and anti-sling phase. I think it happened around the same time that she started crawling and was good at sitting up in a grocery cart. I just kept trying - slinging and vacuuming (which she loves for some reason) until she wanted out, letting her play and then trying again. One day she was fine with the sling again. She just started walking and that didn't cause the sling problems that crawing did, although she still prefers the grocery cart for at least...
Wow. Thanks for all the info so far. I think this would be the right system for us, now I just have to figure where to get it all from. Comparison shopping here we come!!
Here's our story. DD is 14 months old and I really want to switch to cloth. Not only are sposies getting more expensive as she gets bigger, but I get a sick feeling thinking about all the diapers we've thrown away over the past year. We did try cloth briefly last summer, with a diaper service. We were using Bummis SWW and prefolds. We had alot of leaking around the leg holes and dh was grossed out by handling the wet/dirty prefold. Plus we travel alot and had a hard time...
Kate Winslet is/was featured in a recent Jane magazine. The article starts off talking about how Kate Winslet is sitting there nursing her son in front of the interviewer and how healthy he is. I didn't read the whole article (I was in the check out line) but I thought it started off great!
I have: a Baby Bjorn type carrier - loaned to a friend a WAHM ring sling - loaned to a friend a Maya Wrap - regular sling right now a KKAFP - was the regular sling, now too hot and I should have a Kozy late this week or early next!!! I am also about to order a Hotslings pouch for me and a Tentoes pouch for dh. If we get a pool pass, we'll probably get a Solarveil. I'm a sling juunkie wannabe!!
Dh wore dd in the OTSBH a few times, when she was a newborn. But only around the house and not if people were over. He's always been very good about carrying her though. Then a few weeks ago, he was going to take her on a walk and asked me to help him get the Maya on. Now he's using it on a regular basis. He's not very patient with the rings though, so I'm going to get him a pouch ASAP.
I'm April. DD is 13 months and we just switched from the KKAFP back to the trusty Maya. But we are eagerly awaiting our Kozy, hopefully next week!!!
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