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We talk about our dislike of battery operated noise makers throughout the year, too.  Always in a light hearted and joking way.  And always with some silly comment like "sounds like a toy that should live at grandpa grandma's house!"  We did it more frequently in the beginning, and less frequently now.  And guess what.  All of the battery operated noise making toys that DS has, were bought by grandparents and they do actually live at grandparents house.  All on...
Just so you know where I'm coming from...I was raised Catholic, then spent a solid amount of time in the Episcopal Church.  My DH is Episcopal.  I go to a UU church, have earth based leanings and believe in a feminine deity... Mother Earth, sort of, but more than that... so I'm somewhat undefined about what I am, religiously speaking.  And while I have been pretty open about things with DH, I haven't so much with extended family... I just don't think I'm ready for those...
To totally derail the topic.  I've thought about a mini after we no longer need to use car seats.  Will you PM with your thoughts on the car?  
what did the instructor say?  Maybe you could say something to the instructor and s/he could address the issue?
We don't still have our snugride b/c I gave it to a friend.   But this is the one we had... the only difference I see is color of plastic and the cover pattern.  You might double check the measurements, though   http://www.cymax.com/Common/Product/CatProduct.aspx?ID=195859&Src=Amazon&SrcID=3892228
I was able to fit a snugride (the 22 lb limit) in the backseat of a Beetle.  I don't know how the backseat of an Echo compares, but it can't be much smaller than a Beetle
If I knew for a FACT that it had not been in any car wrecks, I would use it. 
  I do think about what's best for my child.  Honestly, if I didn't trust the workers at a church nursery to handle something like a diaper change, then I probably wouldn't leave my child there.  Also, I consider the fact that in our case, church only lasts an hour and the likelihood of needing a diaper change is pretty slim... DS has never needed a diaper change (or to potty, now that he's PT'ed) during that one hour.  And if he did, I think it would be hard on him for...
DS was like that.  One thing that helped us was putting clothes on him, but not underwear.  Somehow, it was like the underwear felt too much like having a diaper, I guess cause everything was held in place, iykwim.  He did much better in clothes without undies and once he got that down, we started putting undies on him again.
Here is my take on sharing:  As adults, we are not expected to share everything we own.  If you want to borrow my car, I'm not necessarily going to let you use it.  Or I might let you use it for set amount of time and then ask for it back when I need it again.  Or if I am in the middle of writing a note with a pen and you need to borrow a pen, I'm probably not going to stop writing my note just to give you my pen.  Instead, I'll probably say something like, "you can have...
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