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Hello moms We're back from our one-month-in-Europe-vacation ! It was great but I missed you all and coming back and see our DDC was closed wasn't fun Little Joyce was really great during our trip but, of course, now that we're home, she's bored and want to travel more She speaks a lot a grow soooo fast ! She's incredible
She eats good, that's for sure Quote: Originally Posted by wobblykate she's so funny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PODyRrh02yE yes she is
Quote: Originally Posted by wobblykate i've told dh before that I sometimes wish my eyes were cameras . I'd love that !! I was thinking of you when I was taking those : http://our-great-adventure.net/galle...30/category/20 http://our-great-adventure.net/galle...31/category/20 http://our-great-adventure.net/galle...32/category/20
:-D I just wrote the same post on another forum today I wear Joyce almost all the time and when she is not on me, she is on the couch, on her back, looking at her mobile she just loves ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euN--...eature=channel ). I see american websites speaking all the time about tummy time and I was a little bit worried but, well, when she's on the bed (or on us) on her tummy, she clearly shows she knows how to use her legs to go wherever she wants too...
I really think we are the ddc we the cutest babies Joyce's first month and Joyce's second month
Quote: Originally Posted by oolongtea Upping the ante -- How about a smiling video? My husband is convinced that Mason said his first word today. When I showed him your video, my husband tried to teach Joyce how to say "daddy" She smiles all the time (she has from day one) but, of course, I rarely can catch any smile on camera... The biggest smiles, though, are, of course, when she sees my...
You made me cry I may not write a lot here but our ddc is always the second webpage I open every morning...
A-- B-- C--Caleb D-- E--Eliza, Eden F-- Franklin G-- H--Heinrich I-- J--Jacey. Julian, Joyce K-- Kenady L-- Lucas M-- Mason, Miriam, Mathias, Maezey N-- Nora, Nessa O-- Oliver P-- Parker, Piper, PHOEBE Q-- R--River S-- Sierra, Sophia T-- Tobias (Toby), Terran U-- V-- W-- X-- Y-- Z-- Zachary
Very good idea ! Thank you !
Mine is here but I haven't written in a while and sorry but my birth story is in french
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